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Vampires Fiction/Folklore

Sorry it has been so long since I posted an entry this subject has taken a lot of time to get good information on and plus I have been having some health problems lately. I'm having surgery the Nov. 1 to get my health fixed or at least a little bit of it lol. Anyways here is the next part of my vampire posts.

Most Fictional vampires have traits distinct from those of folkloric vampires. Legends say that a vampire is a mythological/folkloric being that feeds off the life force of animals and people. Vampiric entities have been recorded throughout history the earliest dated back to prehistoric times.
The term "vampire" wasn't popularized until the early 18th century. After an influx of vampire superstition into western Europe from Balkans and Eastern Europe.
With the increased level of vampire superstition in Europe mas hysteria and in some cases resulted in corpses actually being staked and people being accused of vampirism.
Most vampires in folklore  had a range of different looks from nearly human to a bloated rotting corpse. The charismatic sophisticated vampire didn't show up until the interpretation of the vampire by the Christian Church. If you look back in history when a person saw a vampire they didn't wear a cape or stylish clothing that fiction leads you to believe. The vampire was usually said to be wearing what they were buried in.
The historical descriptions also say that the vampire's skin wasn't pale but it had a reddish tint like the blood that was eaten had infused with the body. The vampire's body would also look bloated unlike fictianl vampires that are almost always thin. People also claimed that the vampire would have a rotting smell. Here are some other characteristics from folkloric vampires...
Rancid Breath
Long Fingernails
Long Hair
Sharp Teeth (but not always fangs)
Blazing often Red Eyes
There were also vampires in folklore that possessed a phantom-like attributes appearing almost ghost-like. These phantom vampires were said to feed off people at night while they were sleeping. This type of vampire was also said to resemble the person it once was. Most people that had a run in with this type of vampire usually just see the vampire as a dark mass.
It is said that in some countries people believed that a vampire could still have sexual relations with humans. Of course though no one would want to willingly have sex with a folkloric vampire so the act was much like that of an incubus demon. It was also believed that the children from this match were born with the ability to sense the undead. In other countries people believed that a physical vampire could become human again. There is a folkloric vampire in Malaysia call the langsuir which is a female vampire that could be captured and cured. In some religions there are Gods and Goddesses that resemble vampires.
Hindu's Dark Goddess Kali
This demon-like goddess isn't gentle,bashful,nor subservient toward her husband. She walks in the nude with her hair disheveled. So you may be asking yourself where I am going with this well Kali Drinks the blood of demons. She gets intoxicated by the blood.
Even though Kali tends to fight alone she does ask for help sometimes but here is the catch she will only ask for help from other women and never men. Kali is the destructive/violent form of the Mother Goddess Durga and it is said that she actually sprung out of Durga's head during battle and is often portrayed as Shiva's wife or consort.
The name Kali is derived from the Hindu word that means "black" and also "time".
She is the destroyer of ignorance and wrongdoing,but also creates reality. Though she is capable of destructiveness she is not seen as evil. Kali is seen as a nessary aspect of salvation and conversion.

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Real Vampire Cases PART 2

Part 2 of my Real Vampire Cases will be about two of the worlds most famous vampires in history. I hope you enjoy this entry.

CASE 3:  Elizabeth Bathory  (Aug.7,1560 - Aug.21,1614)
Elizabeth Bathory was one of the most mentioned vampires in History.
After the death of her husband Ferenc Nadasdy Elizabeth and four other collaborators were accused of torturing and killing hundreds of girls. A witness Attributed to over 650 victims, though the number for which they were convicted was only 80. Elizabeth herself was never tried nore convicted,but in 1610 she was imprisoned in the Csejte Castle where she remained bricked in a set of rooms until her death four years later.
 Elizabeth was said to bathe in the blood of her victims which had to be virgins. She thought that doing this would help her retain her youth and beauty. Elizabeth's ruthlessness has been compared to that of Vlad the Impaler and she has even called Countess Dracula throughout history.
So you make be thinking "well how did this happen?". Well we aren't really sure what made Elizabeth so ruthless but perhaps it was because she was only 15 when she was married off for political gain. She was also known to be a very bored person in her adult life because she didn't really like to go out much and was pretty much a hermit. There is also a theory that she practiced witch craft.
After Elizabeth's husband's death she wanted to find a new mate right away since she never really liked her husband in the first place. Elizabeth's aunt introduced her to flagellation soon after. Elizabeth fell in love with the practice an armed with her husband's silver clawed whip she would beat the front of her victims bodies so she could see their faces as she cause them pain.
One day Elizabeth viciously struck a servant girl. The strike was serious enough to draw blood which got onto Elizabeth's hand. Later that night Elizabeth was sure that the hand that got the girl's blood on it looked fresher,younger,brighter somehow.
Elizabeth consulted with her alchemists about the blood. The alchemists didn't want to disappoint so they told her that there was a place far off where virgin's blood was used to help the age of the body. Even Elizabeth's beauty consultant said that her theory was a sound one. Elizabeth was sure it would work. Of course if a little worked then a lot would be even better so Elizabeth started to bathe in virgin's blood and in some cases if the girl was pretty she would also drink the blood.
The girls would be hung up side down by their ankles then stripped and while they were still alive and warm their throats were slit. Elizabeth would drink the blood of the really pretty girls first from a golden cup then she moved to drinking the blood straight from the girl while she was still screaming.

CASE 4: Vlad the Impaler (Nov.13,1431 - Dec.18,1476)
Vlad III was born in Sighisoara,Transylvania kingdom of Hungary which is present day Romania. Vlad III was the prince of Wallachia and was a member of the house of draculesti. Vlad was mostly known by his patronymic name Dracula which means Son of the Dragon. Vlad's father Vlad II also known as Dracul was a member of the Order of the Dragon which was founded to protect Christianity in Eastern Europe. Vlad III is revered as a hero in Bulgaria but some see him as nothing but a tyrant.
Vlad III is known for impaling his enemies which is how he got his historic reputation as the Impaler. Vlad's reputation for Excessive cruelty spread as far as Germany and across Europe. The total number of his victims isn't exact but it is expected to be tens of thousands. Vlad's ruthlessness caught the eye of Bram Stoker and sparked him writing Dracula in 1897.
During his lifetime Vlad III took pleasure in torturing and killing. He is even shown in cryptoportraits made during his lifetime in the role of cruel rulers. According to German stories Vlad had whole villages destroyed and burned to the ground. Vlad's favorite form of torture was impalement. It is even said that Vlad III would eat his dinner with his field of impaled people. This field of torture was a smart one because of the shock value. It has been said that an invading Ottoman army turned back in fright when it saw the feild of rotting corpses. Some say that Vlad may have even drank the blood of his victims.


1. In 1975 a documentary style movie came out titled "In Search of Dracula". There was also a movie that came out in 1989 titled "mircea" that shows Vlad in his youth.
 2. Vlad III had two half brothers named Mircea II and Vlad Calvgarul
3. Vlad III also had one younger brother named Radu III the handsome.
4. During his life Vlad wrote his name in Latin documents as Wladislaus Dragwlya.

     Vlad the Impaler Documentary


      Elizabeth Bathory Documentary

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Real Vampire Cases PART 1

I am so sorry this took me so long to post I have a lot of things to look through I am still not done with the research for this project. I figured I would start typing up what I do have though so you guys at least have something. Here goes I hope you enjoy it.


CASE 1: The Devil's Child Case

Sean Sellers then 13 was a self-proclaimed "devil child". He claimed that he made a pact with the devil which was sealed by him drinking his own blood. He also kept a jar of blood in the refrigerator hidden behind the eggs.
As a teenager Sean held nightly rituals in his Oklahoma home. The rituals were to invite demons to possess his body. Soon the "demons" renamed him Ezurate and told him that his power would grow if he killed someone.
On September 8,1985 sometime after midnight Sean killed a clerk for the city of Oklahoma named Robert Bower.
A few minutes before midnight on March 14,1986 Sean conducted another ritual in hi home while his parents slept just a room away. He told police later that demon appeared to him that night in a strange kind of mist. Sean then entered his parent's bedroom and shot them both in the head. Sean was later caught and became Oklahoma's youngest death row inmate he was only 15 at the time.
He told police that he enjoyed drinking blood like a vampire.

CASE 2The Vampire of Sacramento

Richard Chase was born May 23,1950 and from his time of birth he was a bed wetter,fire starter,and killer of small animals.
In high school Chase was convince that a Nazi crime syndicate had targeted him and his mother was getting paid to poison him with a chemical that would turn his blood to powder.
Chase thought that if he killed small animals and dismembered them then put the organs in a blender with cola drinking its mixture it would heal the damage he thought the poison did to his body.
In 1975 Chase was committed to a mental asylum after developing blood poisoning from injecting himself with rabbit's blood. Even in the asylum he would catch birds that would land on his window sill and eat them. In 1976 Chase was released with a prescription for an antispychotic.
In 1977 Chase was found wondering nude in the Lake Tahoe area. A bucket of blood and a live was later found in his Ford Ranchero. He was later found out that the blood was animal.
Chase's first victim was killed in December 1977 in a drive-by style shooting. A month later he shot Teresa Wallin then 22 three times killing her. Chase then dragged her body into the bedroom of her home. He then continued to dab her repeatedly. Chase then used a yogurt cup to catch some of her blood in which he then drank.
Two days later Chase bought two puppies from a neighbor, he then killed them and drank their blood. It was at that moment that Chase knew that animals blood wasn't as good as human and wasn't as satisfying.
Chase committed his largest murder spree on January 27th. Chase killed four people on this date. Evelyn Miroth,her six-year-old son,her friend Danny Meredith, and her 22 month old nephew who she was baby sitting. Chase then drank blood from his victims, he also removed some of their organs. After this cops had evidence to arrest him.
Chase later told police that he was a bit disturbed about the killings but only because he was afraid that their spirits would come back to haunt him. He had no sign of feeling guilt for what he had done. Chase claimed that he needed to drink blood.
Chase was convicted of 6 counts of first degree murder but Chase cheated the gas chamber by taking hi own life in his cell at San Quentin Pen. 

That concludes PART 1 of Real Vampire Cases I hope this caught your attention... Stay Tuned for more to come!!!

   The Vampire of Sacramento

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The History of Halloween PART 2

Welcome to PART 2 of my History of Halloween. I'm just going to jump right into the rest of the post so enjoy!
Trick-or-Treating also known as guising didn't really take effect until the 1930's. The word trick-or-treating didn't make appearance until 1934, the first use of the term in publication didn't appear until 1939. The practice of dressing up in costumes and begging door to door for treats dates back to the Middle Ages and includes Christmas wassailing (caroling). Trick-or-Treating resembles the late medieval practice of souling, the poor would go door to door on Hallowmas (Nov. 1) receiving food in the return for prayers for the dead on All Souls Day (Nov. 2). Shakespeare mentions this practice in hi comedy The Two Gentlmen of Verona in 1593.
One thing that most people have done at least once is play a Halloween game. Most of the games played on Halloween in the past were divination games. One game that was part of Scottish Tradition was an apple game that was said to tell the single ladies future spouse. This is how you play the apple divination game, the lady must carve an apple in one long strip then toss the peel over her shoulder. It was said that the peel of hte apple will land in the shape of the letter of the future spouses name.
There was also another game that played by single ladies. People said that if the lady sat in a darkened room in front of a mirror on Halloween night they would see their future spouse looking back at them. If the lady was meant to die before marriage she would instead see a skull in the place of the spouse.
I am going to be finishing this post up with some things you probably don't know about Halloween

1. Though food tampering has happened in the past it is very rare for this to happen so parents can lighten up a bit!
2. Most believe that Samhain begins Halloween night when in doesn't actually start until November 1.
3. It is said that the Celt's would wear costumes on Halloween night to trick the evil spirits that would come to our world with the good spirits.
4.Another tradition was to leave food and drink outside the front door for the roaming spirits.
5. The romans celebrated a holiday at the end of October called Feralia.
6. With the coming of Christianity the early Church of England tried to Christianize the Celtic holidays.
7. An American historian named Ruth Edna Kelley wrote the first book about the history of Halloween in the US titled The Book of Hallowe'en in 1919.
I am going to finish up this post with some Important links and I hope that everyone learned at least one thing new about this subject. Thank You for reading!

    History of Halloween from an unknown channel

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The History of Halloween PART 1

Halloween...All Hallows Evening.....Samhain, all names for a holiday that takes place on October 31.  Halloween is one holiday that is observed around the most if not all of the world. October 31 is the day before the Western Christian feast of All Hallows. November 1st is All Saints Day for Western Christians and is celebrated by Roman Catholic Churches. There are some scholars who believe that Halloween originated from Pagan tradition first. The word Halloween wasn't used Until the 16th century. The word Halloween represents a Scottish variant of the fuller All-Hallows-Eve.
Historian Nicholas Rogers noted that some folklorists have detected it's origins in the Roman Feast of Pomona ( Pomona is the Roman Goddess of fruit and seeds) or in the festival of the dead called Parentalia. It is linked mostly to the Celtic festival of Samhain ( Samhain is derived from the old Irish Samuin meaning Summer's End).
The Irish and Scottish people believed that Halloween was the day when our world an the supernatural world were at it's closest and that magical things could happen during the night. The souls of the dead were said to revisit their homes on Samhain eve.
The Gaels believe that the only way to ward off evil spirits was to build huge bonfires and invoke the help of the Gods through animal or human sacrifices.
The Puritans of New England maintained strong opposition to the holiday and it wasn't until the mass Irish and Scottish Immigration during the 19th century that the holiday was introduced to the continent in the earnest.During the mid 19th century it was gradually assimilated into mainstream society and by the first decade of the 20th century it was being celebrated coast to coast.
One thing most people now do on Halloween is pumpkin carving. The carving of the pumpkins spring from the Samhain custom of caring turnips into lanterns to remember the souls held in purgatory. Immigrants in North America used pumpkins because they were native to the area and easier to carve than turnips. American pumpkin carving can be seen recorded as early as 1837.
Are you saying WOW yet? Well how about this?
One of the earliest woks on the subject of Halloween was from a Scottish poet named John Mayne who in 1780 made a note of Halloween pranks and ghost stories that were done on the night of All Hallows eve.

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Real Life Werewolves???? PART 2

Welcome to part 2 of my real werewolves entry. I will just cut right to the chase.

In the years 1520-1630 France had it's own werewolf problem and many people were suspects. I couldn't find much on the subject but I did find out that at that time people ate a lot of Rye bread and other cereal products. In cold damp conditions cereal products can grow a fungi called Ergot. If the Ergot fungi is ingested through food contamination it can have LSD like effects. A little fact that I learned while looking into this fungi was that it is actually used to make LSD. People would sit down to dinner and a few hours later they will begin to become sick. The symptoms of Ergot poisoning are as follows  painful seizures,spasms,diarrhea,paresthesias,itching,mania,psychosis,headaches,nausea,vomiting,and hallucinations. The main problem that comes into play with the whole werewolf situation is the fungi would make people crazy and people would hallucinate which made them think that they were becoming an animal. I watched an interview with a lady that actually survived an outbreak that took place in a village in France named Pont-Saint-Esprit in 1951. This woman said that she could remember seeing snakes in her bed that weren't actually there she even said she saw a large tiger in her bedroom. A lot of people got very sick during this outbreak in the 50's and a lot didn't make it because the fungi actually starves the brain from oxygen. A man named John Grant wrote a book about the French outbreak titled The Day of St. Anthony's Fire (St. Anothony's fire is another name for Ergot poisoning). There have been hundreds of Ergot poisoning cases, there is even a theory that Ergot poisoning could have been at the root of the Salem Witch Trails. The most resent Ergot poisoning outbreak was in Ethiopia in 2001 after dozens of people ate contaminated barley.
So now the question stands. Do you believe in werewolves?

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Real Life Werewolves??? PART 1

Halloween is drawing near so to start the celebrations this post will be about real werewolves. I live in Ohio so I will start with werewolf sightings in my area first. Here we go!!

It all began in Defiance, Ohio in 1972 a story was reported in the Cresent-News paper saying that the police were on the look out for a wolf like man who was said to have attacked three people the night before. The story gets even more strange when two brake men from the near by railroad tracks confessed to seeing a large wolf like creature lurking around the tracks. None of the sightings were witnessed on a full moon including the night of the attacks. The three attacked also had no neck wounds it said which is strange since I for one have never heard of a werewolf that just bites on the neck I mean come one now we aren't talking about vampires here. The Police chief that was on the case was Donald F. Beckler ( I researched this man and I found nothing) he said that the attacks had taken place during the early morning hours before sun rise and was probably just robbers. The next day which was August 3, 1972 more people were said to have been attacked but the victims didn't actually see the person or thing attacking them. The police were also on the look out for a man dubbed "Wolf-Man" who attacked one man and attempted to attack two other near the Norfolk area. The man was said to be wearing an animal mask which is how he got the name. August 4,1972 only one "wolf-man" report was noted on this day. A lady had called police because she heard scratching at her door but she didn't actually see it. Ohio werewolf sighting that I could find proof of all happened in the 70's and everyone knows that the early 70's almost everyone did drugs at the time and most of the drugs that were used at the time were HEAVY drugs so most of the people that saw something could have been on drugs at the time though I have proof of it.
Let's go to Wisconsin, Elkhorn to be exact there was a Werewolf sighting on Bray road. The first sighting was in the early 80's and over the years more and more sightings of a large creature were reported in the area. People that have actually seen the creature described it as a bear like creature resembling Bigfoot. It was guessed to be 2-4ft tall on all fours and 7ft tall on two legs. The weight was guessed to be about 400-700 pounds and it's fur was said to be brownish gray like a bear or dog's fur. Even though no one saw an actually human transformation the creature was called a Werewolf by the local newspaper. Because the newspaper called it a werewolf mass hysteria started in the area and more people started to come forward claiming to have seen the beast as well. A local news station wanted to cover the story so they  put LInda Godfrey on the case to get information. After hearing all the witnesses testimonies of what they saw she fully believed that there was some sort of beast like creature in the area. She eventually wrote a book on the subject titled The Beast of Bray Road.
In Michigan there were sightings that resembled the Bray road beast following the release of a popular song titled "The Legend" about the Michigan Dogman in 1987.

    Man broke into house in Ohio claiming to be a werewolf


  The Bray Road Beast

   The Legend of the Dogman "song"