Thursday, October 11, 2012

Real Life Werewolves??? PART 1

Halloween is drawing near so to start the celebrations this post will be about real werewolves. I live in Ohio so I will start with werewolf sightings in my area first. Here we go!!

It all began in Defiance, Ohio in 1972 a story was reported in the Cresent-News paper saying that the police were on the look out for a wolf like man who was said to have attacked three people the night before. The story gets even more strange when two brake men from the near by railroad tracks confessed to seeing a large wolf like creature lurking around the tracks. None of the sightings were witnessed on a full moon including the night of the attacks. The three attacked also had no neck wounds it said which is strange since I for one have never heard of a werewolf that just bites on the neck I mean come one now we aren't talking about vampires here. The Police chief that was on the case was Donald F. Beckler ( I researched this man and I found nothing) he said that the attacks had taken place during the early morning hours before sun rise and was probably just robbers. The next day which was August 3, 1972 more people were said to have been attacked but the victims didn't actually see the person or thing attacking them. The police were also on the look out for a man dubbed "Wolf-Man" who attacked one man and attempted to attack two other near the Norfolk area. The man was said to be wearing an animal mask which is how he got the name. August 4,1972 only one "wolf-man" report was noted on this day. A lady had called police because she heard scratching at her door but she didn't actually see it. Ohio werewolf sighting that I could find proof of all happened in the 70's and everyone knows that the early 70's almost everyone did drugs at the time and most of the drugs that were used at the time were HEAVY drugs so most of the people that saw something could have been on drugs at the time though I have proof of it.
Let's go to Wisconsin, Elkhorn to be exact there was a Werewolf sighting on Bray road. The first sighting was in the early 80's and over the years more and more sightings of a large creature were reported in the area. People that have actually seen the creature described it as a bear like creature resembling Bigfoot. It was guessed to be 2-4ft tall on all fours and 7ft tall on two legs. The weight was guessed to be about 400-700 pounds and it's fur was said to be brownish gray like a bear or dog's fur. Even though no one saw an actually human transformation the creature was called a Werewolf by the local newspaper. Because the newspaper called it a werewolf mass hysteria started in the area and more people started to come forward claiming to have seen the beast as well. A local news station wanted to cover the story so they  put LInda Godfrey on the case to get information. After hearing all the witnesses testimonies of what they saw she fully believed that there was some sort of beast like creature in the area. She eventually wrote a book on the subject titled The Beast of Bray Road.
In Michigan there were sightings that resembled the Bray road beast following the release of a popular song titled "The Legend" about the Michigan Dogman in 1987.

    Man broke into house in Ohio claiming to be a werewolf


  The Bray Road Beast

   The Legend of the Dogman "song"

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