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Real Vampire Cases PART 1

I am so sorry this took me so long to post I have a lot of things to look through I am still not done with the research for this project. I figured I would start typing up what I do have though so you guys at least have something. Here goes I hope you enjoy it.


CASE 1: The Devil's Child Case

Sean Sellers then 13 was a self-proclaimed "devil child". He claimed that he made a pact with the devil which was sealed by him drinking his own blood. He also kept a jar of blood in the refrigerator hidden behind the eggs.
As a teenager Sean held nightly rituals in his Oklahoma home. The rituals were to invite demons to possess his body. Soon the "demons" renamed him Ezurate and told him that his power would grow if he killed someone.
On September 8,1985 sometime after midnight Sean killed a clerk for the city of Oklahoma named Robert Bower.
A few minutes before midnight on March 14,1986 Sean conducted another ritual in hi home while his parents slept just a room away. He told police later that demon appeared to him that night in a strange kind of mist. Sean then entered his parent's bedroom and shot them both in the head. Sean was later caught and became Oklahoma's youngest death row inmate he was only 15 at the time.
He told police that he enjoyed drinking blood like a vampire.

CASE 2The Vampire of Sacramento

Richard Chase was born May 23,1950 and from his time of birth he was a bed wetter,fire starter,and killer of small animals.
In high school Chase was convince that a Nazi crime syndicate had targeted him and his mother was getting paid to poison him with a chemical that would turn his blood to powder.
Chase thought that if he killed small animals and dismembered them then put the organs in a blender with cola drinking its mixture it would heal the damage he thought the poison did to his body.
In 1975 Chase was committed to a mental asylum after developing blood poisoning from injecting himself with rabbit's blood. Even in the asylum he would catch birds that would land on his window sill and eat them. In 1976 Chase was released with a prescription for an antispychotic.
In 1977 Chase was found wondering nude in the Lake Tahoe area. A bucket of blood and a live was later found in his Ford Ranchero. He was later found out that the blood was animal.
Chase's first victim was killed in December 1977 in a drive-by style shooting. A month later he shot Teresa Wallin then 22 three times killing her. Chase then dragged her body into the bedroom of her home. He then continued to dab her repeatedly. Chase then used a yogurt cup to catch some of her blood in which he then drank.
Two days later Chase bought two puppies from a neighbor, he then killed them and drank their blood. It was at that moment that Chase knew that animals blood wasn't as good as human and wasn't as satisfying.
Chase committed his largest murder spree on January 27th. Chase killed four people on this date. Evelyn Miroth,her six-year-old son,her friend Danny Meredith, and her 22 month old nephew who she was baby sitting. Chase then drank blood from his victims, he also removed some of their organs. After this cops had evidence to arrest him.
Chase later told police that he was a bit disturbed about the killings but only because he was afraid that their spirits would come back to haunt him. He had no sign of feeling guilt for what he had done. Chase claimed that he needed to drink blood.
Chase was convicted of 6 counts of first degree murder but Chase cheated the gas chamber by taking hi own life in his cell at San Quentin Pen. 

That concludes PART 1 of Real Vampire Cases I hope this caught your attention... Stay Tuned for more to come!!!

   The Vampire of Sacramento

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