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Real Vampire Cases PART 2

Part 2 of my Real Vampire Cases will be about two of the worlds most famous vampires in history. I hope you enjoy this entry.

CASE 3:  Elizabeth Bathory  (Aug.7,1560 - Aug.21,1614)
Elizabeth Bathory was one of the most mentioned vampires in History.
After the death of her husband Ferenc Nadasdy Elizabeth and four other collaborators were accused of torturing and killing hundreds of girls. A witness Attributed to over 650 victims, though the number for which they were convicted was only 80. Elizabeth herself was never tried nore convicted,but in 1610 she was imprisoned in the Csejte Castle where she remained bricked in a set of rooms until her death four years later.
 Elizabeth was said to bathe in the blood of her victims which had to be virgins. She thought that doing this would help her retain her youth and beauty. Elizabeth's ruthlessness has been compared to that of Vlad the Impaler and she has even called Countess Dracula throughout history.
So you make be thinking "well how did this happen?". Well we aren't really sure what made Elizabeth so ruthless but perhaps it was because she was only 15 when she was married off for political gain. She was also known to be a very bored person in her adult life because she didn't really like to go out much and was pretty much a hermit. There is also a theory that she practiced witch craft.
After Elizabeth's husband's death she wanted to find a new mate right away since she never really liked her husband in the first place. Elizabeth's aunt introduced her to flagellation soon after. Elizabeth fell in love with the practice an armed with her husband's silver clawed whip she would beat the front of her victims bodies so she could see their faces as she cause them pain.
One day Elizabeth viciously struck a servant girl. The strike was serious enough to draw blood which got onto Elizabeth's hand. Later that night Elizabeth was sure that the hand that got the girl's blood on it looked fresher,younger,brighter somehow.
Elizabeth consulted with her alchemists about the blood. The alchemists didn't want to disappoint so they told her that there was a place far off where virgin's blood was used to help the age of the body. Even Elizabeth's beauty consultant said that her theory was a sound one. Elizabeth was sure it would work. Of course if a little worked then a lot would be even better so Elizabeth started to bathe in virgin's blood and in some cases if the girl was pretty she would also drink the blood.
The girls would be hung up side down by their ankles then stripped and while they were still alive and warm their throats were slit. Elizabeth would drink the blood of the really pretty girls first from a golden cup then she moved to drinking the blood straight from the girl while she was still screaming.

CASE 4: Vlad the Impaler (Nov.13,1431 - Dec.18,1476)
Vlad III was born in Sighisoara,Transylvania kingdom of Hungary which is present day Romania. Vlad III was the prince of Wallachia and was a member of the house of draculesti. Vlad was mostly known by his patronymic name Dracula which means Son of the Dragon. Vlad's father Vlad II also known as Dracul was a member of the Order of the Dragon which was founded to protect Christianity in Eastern Europe. Vlad III is revered as a hero in Bulgaria but some see him as nothing but a tyrant.
Vlad III is known for impaling his enemies which is how he got his historic reputation as the Impaler. Vlad's reputation for Excessive cruelty spread as far as Germany and across Europe. The total number of his victims isn't exact but it is expected to be tens of thousands. Vlad's ruthlessness caught the eye of Bram Stoker and sparked him writing Dracula in 1897.
During his lifetime Vlad III took pleasure in torturing and killing. He is even shown in cryptoportraits made during his lifetime in the role of cruel rulers. According to German stories Vlad had whole villages destroyed and burned to the ground. Vlad's favorite form of torture was impalement. It is even said that Vlad III would eat his dinner with his field of impaled people. This field of torture was a smart one because of the shock value. It has been said that an invading Ottoman army turned back in fright when it saw the feild of rotting corpses. Some say that Vlad may have even drank the blood of his victims.


1. In 1975 a documentary style movie came out titled "In Search of Dracula". There was also a movie that came out in 1989 titled "mircea" that shows Vlad in his youth.
 2. Vlad III had two half brothers named Mircea II and Vlad Calvgarul
3. Vlad III also had one younger brother named Radu III the handsome.
4. During his life Vlad wrote his name in Latin documents as Wladislaus Dragwlya.

     Vlad the Impaler Documentary


      Elizabeth Bathory Documentary

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