Friday, October 12, 2012

Real Life Werewolves???? PART 2

Welcome to part 2 of my real werewolves entry. I will just cut right to the chase.

In the years 1520-1630 France had it's own werewolf problem and many people were suspects. I couldn't find much on the subject but I did find out that at that time people ate a lot of Rye bread and other cereal products. In cold damp conditions cereal products can grow a fungi called Ergot. If the Ergot fungi is ingested through food contamination it can have LSD like effects. A little fact that I learned while looking into this fungi was that it is actually used to make LSD. People would sit down to dinner and a few hours later they will begin to become sick. The symptoms of Ergot poisoning are as follows  painful seizures,spasms,diarrhea,paresthesias,itching,mania,psychosis,headaches,nausea,vomiting,and hallucinations. The main problem that comes into play with the whole werewolf situation is the fungi would make people crazy and people would hallucinate which made them think that they were becoming an animal. I watched an interview with a lady that actually survived an outbreak that took place in a village in France named Pont-Saint-Esprit in 1951. This woman said that she could remember seeing snakes in her bed that weren't actually there she even said she saw a large tiger in her bedroom. A lot of people got very sick during this outbreak in the 50's and a lot didn't make it because the fungi actually starves the brain from oxygen. A man named John Grant wrote a book about the French outbreak titled The Day of St. Anthony's Fire (St. Anothony's fire is another name for Ergot poisoning). There have been hundreds of Ergot poisoning cases, there is even a theory that Ergot poisoning could have been at the root of the Salem Witch Trails. The most resent Ergot poisoning outbreak was in Ethiopia in 2001 after dozens of people ate contaminated barley.
So now the question stands. Do you believe in werewolves?

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