Saturday, November 24, 2012

Getting Back To Work!

I know I have been slacking a lot with posting blog entries but I am working hard to make the next research blog a good one. It will be about unicorns through history to today and already I have learned so much about this subject from reading up on it that I can't believe I have gone this far into life without learning these things. I am super excited about this post because I love horses and I have always wanted to own one but also because the first word I learned to spell when I was little was Unicorn. I learned how to spell that before I learned how to spell my name.
Life is crazy at the moment with surgery,Thanksgiving,black Friday, and the weather is having quite an effect on me. Even with all the crazy crap going on we have gotten the Christmas decor up and it is being enjoyed as we speak! I love the lights they are so pretty and I cry when everything is over and we have to take them down :(.


I just finished reading Seraphina by Rachel Hartman and I have given it 5 stars because I just loved the dragons they were such complex characters and their mingling with the humans kept me on the edge of my seat at times.
I also started reading the next book in the Tiger's Curse series by Colleen Houck Tiger's Destiny and these books always get good ratings from me because I love the whole plot of the series and Colleen Houck has a way with words that makes you feel like your right there with her characters.


Alright I will admit it I have been sleeping quite a bit and I have also been watching vlogs on YouTube like a crazy person. My favorite vlogger is mandaelysepanda and I like her because of how dorky she is. Watching her vlogs makes me feel like I am not alone and on more than one occasion I have watched one of her vlogs while I have been depressed and even if it is for a moment she makes me smile.

   mandapanda vlogs

      Colleen Houck book signing

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Real Vampires PART 2

To nights post will be about the most popular type of real life vampires the Psychic Vampire. Down below are my findings I hope you enjoy reading them and become interested in the subject.

A psychic vampire is a creature in either human form or phantom-like form that feeds on psychic energy. Some human psychic vampires don't know that they are so they will feed unintentionally on those around them leaving the victim feeling weak with a tired drained feeling.
Night time psychic vampire attacks...
Sometime during the middle of the night sometimes as soon as the victim goes to sleep a feeling of dread is felt. The victim will then find it difficult to move, and might noticed that something is in the room or approaching. If the victim notices the figure in the room it usually appears to be a dark figure this would be the Phantom-like psychic vampire.
The entity is said to move on top of the victim which gives the victim a feeling of weight on their chests. The pressure on the chest can be felt even if the entity isn't on top of their chest directly so the weight felt isn't from the weight of the entity it's self. Victims have reported seeing the entity surrounded by color. There have also been reports of people hearing voices or a wind tunnel like sound during an attack. The sensations of a night time psychic vampire attack also match up with Astral Walking which is when a person's consciousness detaches from their body.
Day time psychic vampire attacks...
The daytime attacks are almost always because of a human with the ability and it might not be on purpose. Their victims are usually those around them at the time. The attack will usually leave the victim feeling drained of energy and on extreme cases can cause the victim to pass out for a short period of time. If the psychic vampire doesn't know that they have the ability and doesn't learn to control it then those around them will continue to be attacked. Energy from electronics has also said to be drained around psychic vampires. Everything runs on energy so it is very important for the psychic vampire to learn to control their ability properly.
There is a theory that vampirism of the psychic kind predates popular folklore versions of blood drinking vampires. Some would even go so far as to say that psychic vampirism was the cause of the folklore in the first place. I have also come across some theories that everyone is a psychic vampire in one way or another because we all feed off the energy of each other.
Scientists who have studied psychic vampirism say that the people who engage in vampire behaviors  is because of the way they see themselves. In certain situations these vampires behave in ways that make sense to them based on their perceptions, and in turn see no other alternative. Extremists with the ability may seek domination and in some cases even destruction of the victim.
There Are three types of psychic vampirism today.
Type 1: One-on-One Psychic Vampirism
This category includes any form of psychic vampirism between two people with one being the vampire the other the victim.
Type 2: Group Psychic Vampirism
This category also called collective vampirism includes any form of vampirism that involves a group,organization,or institutions.
Type 3: Parasitic Psychic Vampirism
This category is the most different of the three. Parasitic vampirism is an internal form of psychic vampirism turned against the self. This type is the vampire and the victim. Parasitic psychic vampires attack from within so each time they take in energy their bodies ability to cope weakens to minor stress so they feel the need to always feed.
Above are some pictures of studies done on psychic vampirism also make sure to check the important links to continue the knowledge of the subject.

  An interview with Joe H. Slate, PH.D. he studies psychic vampirism

 An episode about Psychic vampirism from the History Channel


     A website with more information about Psychic vampires

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Real Vampires? PART 1

Type 1: Immortal Blood Drinkers
This type of vampire is the base of most if not all fictional vampires. Due to ethnic changes there are several species in this category. There is a theory that demonic possession after death was the cause of vampires which would explain why they are said to dislike religious items. No matter the amount of species there are in this category none of them have even come close to the amount of powers of the fictional vampires that are based off this type. Most of the evidence on Immortal drinkers is unconvincing. This type of vampire is the least likely out of all the vampires to actually exist in real life.

Type 2: Mortal blood drinkers/Occult
Some common humans feel the need to drink blood. Some drink blood for religion while others believe that blood has powers. In some cultures it is believed that drinking the blood of an enemy would give the drinker great wisdom and power.
However there are some people who suffer from a disorder called Renfield's Syndrome (named after the character in Dracula) feel the need to drink from living things to stay alive. Renfields is considered a form of insanity and is responsible for some people to commit violent crimes to get blood.
Most people who claim to be real vampires described traits from popular fictional vampires. Those people are the fakes among the occult vampires. There is a theory that people who fake being a vampire do it because they like the attention or they want to act out a fictional vampire from the stories they loved.
Some of the "mortal" blood drinkers claim to be immortal but they lack the wisdom that comes with the age they claim to be which lead me to believe that these people are also fakes.
Why would someone do ? well they might just like book vampires a little to much or it could be that they think that being a vampire is cool.
The real mortal drinkers might suffer from a psychological need to drink blood. There are also those whith Renfield's syndrome. If a person has Renfield's syndrome they usually tend to show signs of having it at a young age.
How can a person get Renfields?
Most people with the syndrome are male and it is usually sparked by an event in childhood in which the sufferer associates the taste and sight of blood with excitement. As the person gets older the attraction to the blood becomes sexual.
Renfield's syndrome has three stages...
Stage 1 is autovampirism which is when the person will drink his or her own blood even if it means cutting themselves to get it.
Stage 2 is zoophagia, this stage is when the person eats or drinks from live animals. Some might obtain animal blood from a butcher.
Stage 3 is true vampirism. In this stage the person drinks from humans. some have even gone so far as to break into blood banks to steal blood. Most of the people with syndrome that have committed violent crimes are at this stage in the syndrome.

That concludes this posting but to continue your search for real vampires got to the Important Links below. Until next time folks stay safe!

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