Thursday, January 31, 2013

Book Cover Doppelgangers!

If you read then you if you haven't already are bound to come across look alike book covers. I have been having this problem a lot lately with this one picture of a hooded male which I will show soon. I understand there are just so many pictures that can be used but I just don't understand why people aren't more creative with the covers for books when there are so many things and people that are willing to do a photo shoot for a book cover.
Down below are some look alike book covers!

The so could have at least changed the color of the shirts or something!

OMG really!?

FOUR TIMES this picture was used!

Well at lest these people made an effort to make it look different.

Well both books are hot in a sense.

Remember the hood male I talked about earlier well this is the picture! I have seen this picture used at least 10 times!

So tell me have you come across any book cover doppelgangers lately?

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