Monday, January 21, 2013

Easy by Tammara Webber BOOK REVIEW!

Title: Easy

Author: Tammara Webber

Published: Berkley Trade

This book is about the college life of a girl named  Jacqueline and I was thinking ok so it's just a book about a college girl falling in love.....boy was I wrong. The book kicks into high gear in the first chapter which isn't found most often in books ( I like books that get right to the point). Jacqueline was just broken up with by her boyfriend of 3 years and was depressed and she didn't really want to go to this frat party that she was at in the first chapter but her room mate Erin made her. Unlike most people that go to frat parties she wasn't drinking and was told she would be the sober driver for Erin later that night. Erin of course was all over her boyfriend Chaz and wasn't coming back to their dorm that night so Jacqueline decided to bail. As she was walking to her car she was remembering her break up from her boyfriend and wasn't really paying attention to her surroundings at the time. She opens the door to her truck and pulls out her keys to drive back to her dorm when all of a sudden she is grabbed from behind by a male who then proceeds to attack her. With no way out she starts to panic when all of a sudden a dark handsome guy grabs her attacker saving her.
You would think that BAM that is the end of the story but NO as the year goes on she gets closer and closer to her savior which quickly turns to love. Her attacker on the other hand continues to prowl the campus ready to attack again.
Lucas is a college student (among other things) who has a dark cloud from his past hanging over his head. Something happened to him when he was younger involving his mother that has left him with many scars outside as well as in, so when he saw Jacqueline being attacked he thought of nothing else but saving her. He never thought that simple act of kindness could turn into something much more life changing.


Thoughts: Let me just start off by saying that I went into this book knowing only that it was a love story but other than that I knew nothing of the plot. I kept hearing good things about the book from other readers and of course I love the way the cover looks (which is always a plus) so I looked into getting it. All in all this book was written pretty well and it read fast. My only problem with it is that I thought there could have much more story. Also this book is aimed for a mature audience due to its sex scenes so READERS BEWARE!


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  1. Great review. I really liked this book but I agree, there could have been more story.

  2. I have read some great things about this book, and I haven't paid too much attention to the synopsis, I always like to go in blind. I didn't know that it started out with such a bang! Talk about grab you and suck you in. I am glad it is not full of weighty difficult issues.Thanks for sharing. Glad you enjoyed it!