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Ghost Series! Poltergeist PART 2 Real Case!

The Amherst Poltergeist , Nova Scotia, Canada between 1878-1879
The case was actually investigated by actor Walter Hubbell who was interested in psychic phenomena. Walter's diary of the events he witnessed which became the popular book "The Haunted House A True Ghost Story".
Esther Cox was at the center of the poltergeist activity. Cox lived with her married sister Olive Teed, her sister's husband Daniel, their two kids, there was also another brother of Cox and another sister. Daniel's brother John Teed also lived with them.
The events in question began at the end of august 1878. Esther who was then 18 was almost sexually assaulted by a male friend. After that Esther was of course in great distress, shortly after this things began to happen. It started off with strange knockings, bangings ,and rustling. Esther then began to have seizures which would make her body swell and she would become feverish. Then objects around the house began to fly as if tossed by some unseen force.
The family called the doctor. During the Doctor's visit bedclothes began to move and the words "Esther Cox, your mine to kill" was scratched into the wall above the bed. The next day the doctor gave Esther a sedative to help relax her and help her sleep. Even when Esther was asleep noises and flying objects still continued along with tapped responses to questions that were being asked.
The phenomena continues for some months and visitors to the home would also hear sounds and witness objects moving by themselves. In December Esther became ill with diphtheria, while she healed from this illness no activity happened even when she stayed with her married sister in Sackville,New Brunswick. When Esther returned to Amherst the activity began again, but this time random fires would start around the house. By this time Esther claimed that she could see the "ghost" who threatened to burn the house down.
January 1879 Esther moved in with another family, even the the activity continued and was witnessed by a lot of people. The "ghost" was also spoken to and would answer questions by banging. Esther was starting to be slapped,pricked,scratched,and she was even stabbed in the back with a pocket knife by the "ghost".
Esther went to Saint John,New Brunswick were she was seen by a gentleman with an interest in science. It became apparent that Esther was being "haunted" by more than just one spirit. Three distinct spirits made themselves known by answering questions. Out of the three there was " Bob Nickle" who was the original "ghost" " Peter Cox" who was a relative of Esther and "Maggie Fisher".
The activity stopped for a just a short time while Esther visited friends at their farm near Amherst. As soon as Esther returned home the activity began yet again. Shortly after was when Walter Hubbell found out about the activity, he then moved into Esther's new home as a lodger to witness and investigate the activity going on. While Walter stayed with Esther he became a witness to flying and moving objects,strange fires, even objects appearing out of nowhere. Walter Hubbell was a witness to everything that was claimed to be happening even Esther's fits of swelling and pain. Walter also made contact with three NEW "ghosts" who called themselves as follows "Mary Fisher","Jane Nickle", and "Eliza McNeal".
Eventually Esther got used to the activity and Walter talked her into letting people pay her to hear her story and witness activity but due to heckling Esther shut down the tour. Esther once again returned to Amherst where she got a job working for a man named Arthur Davison. Sadly the job didn't last very long due to Arthur's barn burning down which he blamed on Esther. Esther was convicted of arson and was sentenced to four months in prison. After serving only one month Esther was released and returned home. Lucky for Esther though the poltergeist activity began to fizzle out before coming to a complete stop shortly after. Esther eventually got over her past and was married twice having a kid from each marriage before dieing an old woman on November 8,1912.

So after hearing this case what do you think about poltergeists? Are they really ghosts or are they just a manifestation of our frustrations?


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