Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tiger's Destiny by Colleen Houck REVIEW!

Title:Tiger's Destiny

Author: Colleen Houck

Published: Splinter

This book picked up where the last one left off but I knew it wouldn't last because there was still another one of Durga's prizes to obtain. I was right in my thought that the intense moments in which the book started out didn't last long and that once it was over the quest for the next prize started.
In this quest Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan had to obtain Durga's rope of fire which of course was guarded by all kinds of creatures.
The items seem to usually have a theme and since this was a "rope of fire" it would only seem natural that you would have to go to the hottest place on Earth to get it (the center of the Earth).
I loved how this gate was described and that when they got through it trees of flame were all over and that there were mythical creatures who called the place home. A mythical creature that was met while in this realm was of course the beautiful Phoenix which can be seen on the cover ( his name is Sunset). The next mythical creature that was met (if they even are mythical) were zombies, then came a clan of dark demons known as Rakshas.
After they had just barely made it out alive, they met the key subjects in the realm the twin fire lords.


Thoughts: I have saved this book because I knew that eventually this series would (like everything else) come to an end. Well I finally finished it and even though this book pretty much closed the story line there is talk of another book in this series (There is, Tiger's Promise ). I love this author so much and though I have not read her newer books I fully intend to. I hope that like this series the newer books will quickly become some of my favorites as well. Lives were lost in this book but I shall let you rest assured that the story come to an end and even though I almost cried several times I was happy with the ending.

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