Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho BOOK REVIEW!

Title: The Alchemist

Author: Paulo Coelho

Published: HarperCollins

I was on Amazon one day just looking at the book recommendations for me and I notice that it keep telling me to read The Alchemist. So I looked into the reviews for the book on Amazon and I noticed that it got quite a negative review from most women. Most women that read the book said it was and I quote "sexist fiddle-fabble" and "new age blather" there was also one that called the book a " childish fable." I fully expected not to like this book but I tried it anyways.

The book starts off with you following a shepherd and his sheep as he is trudging along across the Andalusian country side. The first few pages you learn a bit about the "boy" as he is called through out the book and how he can't wait to get to his next town to sale wool because there is a pretty shop keepers daughter there waiting for him. That night when the boy has his last rest before coming upon the town he has the same dream he has been having for days about finding treasure at the bottom of the pyramids of Egypt. The boy can't figure out why he keeps having this dream so the next day when he gets to the town he first goes to see a gypsy that is said to read dreams. The gypsy tells him after looking at his palms that his dreams are repeating for a reason and that he must go to Egypt and when he finds his treasure which she was sure he would he must give her a small portion of it.
The boy takes what the woman says as a bunch of crap and carries on with his normal duties. After the boy puts his sheep in a stable for a rest the boy goes to sit on a bench in the middle of town and read his brand new book that he traded to get. As he is sitting there a man dressed in white sits down next to him and begins to tell him about personal legends and omens. The boy getting annoyed was going to tell the man to get lost when all of a sudden the man dressed in white tells him about his dream that he keeps having and that finding that treasure is his personal legend and he should go get it.
The boy never told the man about his dream so how did he know this? After talking with the man in white the boy sales all his sheep and uses the money to start his journey to find his treasure. The boy comes across many people during his travels and learns many MANY things. The boy also meets the most beautiful woman he has every met and falls in love!


Thoughts: As far as all the sexist bull that people were complaining about this was back in the old days and it takes place in the Middle East where women are very secretive and mysterious. Also the women of that time period and location had different values in the sense that they wanted to get married and have a family and if their husband left for war or work they would watch the deserts for their return.
What people have to remember is that times were different then and to just read the book and take in the message it gives you which is FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!


" It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary."

"Each day, in itself,brings with it an eternity."

"There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure."

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  1. I have seen this book on the charts as well and wondered about it. I am glad you enjoyed it and ignored all the low ratings from people who miss the point. Sounds like I better read this one!