Saturday, March 23, 2013

Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt BOOK REVIEW!!!

Title: Going Vintage

Author: Lindsey Leavitt

Published: Bloomsbury

The book starts off with a girl named Mallory cleaning out her Grandmother's home since her Grandmother is moving. As Mallory goes through a box of old notebooks ( I understand the value of a good notebook!) she finds one which contains old lists. Now there is something you should know about Mallory, she is a list maker and who do you think she got it from? Anyways back on the subject she finds this one list that sticks out to her and it's a list of things to do before finishing high school and it was written in the 1960's by her Grandmother.
Fast forward a little bit to the night Mallory is hanging out with her boyfriend (this takes place before the finding of the list which has me wondering why the book even started with the finding of the list) they are just hanging out and making out while Mallory's boyfriend talks her into doing a paper for him. Mallory say yes then asks for food in return, while her boy friend is getting food Mallory moves over to his computer to write the paper. Before she even starts on the paper she notices some things on her boyfriend's computer which leads her to believe that he isn't being faithful. Mallory leaves little hints that she knows then grabs her things and leaves the house.Rumors on the story's version of Facebook called Friendspace begin and the truth gets twisted.
Go back to the part were Mallory finds the list. Mallory is holding that list as everything plays over in her head. Then she thinks about her Grandmother when she was in high school and with the things on the list things "oh how simple things must have been back then, I wish they were like that now." And so starts Mallory's quest of Going Vintage and her side quest at finding a steady. Mallory makes the vow to complete everything on the list while channeling the 1960's complete with no use of anything that wasn't use in the 60's. NO CELL PHONE!!!!!


Thoughts:I will start off by saying that I love the cover of this book and even though people say to not pick a book by it's cover let's face it we all do at some point and this is one of mine. This book was a bit boring and dragged a bit in the middle also some characters were a little lacking while others were fine. Though this book was not for me it might be good for you this is just my own opinion.


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