Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Book to Review and My Lost Bookmark

Today didn't seem like anything exciting would happen but I was so wrong. I have been freaking out for a week because my favorite book mark was lost. I don't like going into a new journey of a new book without my favorite book mark. I all but given up on finding it thinking that I may have been careless enough to leave it in a library book that was taken back to the library. Tonight though I figured I would clean out my night stand by the bed because lets face it I'm a night stand slob and when I went to movie a Pokemon book that I got I noticed that hidden in the middle was my book mark. I smiled holding up my book mark and just stood there with it in my hand as the hallelujah chorus rang out inside my head.
I should have known that this would be my week since yesterday when I got a mystery package delivered to me that I had no idea was coming. When I got the package in my hand I noticed that not only did it have my name on it but it also had my blog name on it as well. I flipped a biscuit in the car when I tore open the package and realized that Random House publishing sent me I Kiss Your Hands Many Times by Marianne Szegedy - Maszak to read and review. I was so excited that I have dropped everything I was doing and started the book. I can tell you now that if the book continues with the way that it's going now then I feel and awesome review coming on!


  1. Glad to hear you found your favorite bookmark! *breathes a sigh of relief* :)