Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Beautiful Ruins

Author: Jess Walter

Published: Harper

I wasn't going to read this book, I loved the cover art so checked it out online and didn't think it sounded like my cup of tea. I then signed up for a contest which I won and the prize was the audio book of Beautiful Ruins so I figured hey since I won it and I had looked at it before I thought that I was meant to read this book. I am so glad I did since the story is one that I won't forget.

" The dying actress arrived in his village the only way one could come directly-in a boat that motored into the cove, lurched past the rock jetty, and bumped against the end of the pier."

The story begins in Italy in 1962 when an American actresses arrived at the tiny town of Porto Vergogna. She is sick and being an actress wanted to seek refuge in the tiny hotel to rest. This is where she meets the son of the owner named Pasquale Tursi.
Americans or anybody for that matter ever come to this tiny hotel because there isn't really anything in the town but fishermen. The only guest they get is an American "author" who comes to the hotel every year to bask in the quite and work on his novel/drink.
Pasquale becomes fascinated with the actress and begins spending much time with her. After some talking and spending much time with each other Pasquale begins to learn the horrors of Hollywood complete with scandals and cover ups.


Thoughts: This book follows many people and spans through many years which can become confusing at times. I especially loved the bond between the actress and Pasquale in the first chapter which made even the boring parts of the book bearable. I got to the last chapter and feared that there wouldn't be a wrap up but then I noticed through the jumbled last chapter that it was wrapping things up though it was a bit confusing for a minute until I figured out what was going on. All in all I enjoyed the out come of the book and I am glad that I gave it a chance, I am also glad that I had the audio book for it because of the Italian that was spoken in certain parts of the story ( I can't pronounce that mess). If you ever wondered about Hollywood READ THIS BOOK! It's sad that they really acted like this back in the day.

"Life, he thought, is a blatant act of imagination."

"Every love is the same love, and it is overpowering."

"Some memories remain close; You can shut your es and find yourself back in them."

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