Friday, April 26, 2013

I Kiss Your Hands Many Times BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: I Kiss Your Hands Many Times

Author: Marianne Szegedy - Maszak

Published: Spiegel & Grau

"They first met at Kalman Buda's dinner party."

The first chapter of the book starts in 1978 with Marianne's family traveling through Budapest to rekindle old memories of their life there. Though the city was still recovering from WWII at the time and the Hungarian revolution they still found themselves filled with great memories of the place. You see Budapest is the one place where Marianne's father (who was born there) feels truely at home.
You can imagine that after many years away from this place he calls home returning again excites the 75 year old as if he is seeing an old friend again for the first time in years.
Slowly you begin to know the family as the story takes you along the family tree and learn of their finding love in the midst of struggles.
Marianne's mother Hanna was the granddaughter of Manfred Weiss a very sophisticated Jewish man who was not only and art collector but the owner of the largest machine factories in Hungary.
Marianne's father Aladar worked for the foreign ministry during WWII and was in talk was allies.
You uncover their story as Marianne learns as well. By going through some things at their old house Marianne stumbles upon love letters from her father and mother. Even through war you can almost feel how calm and in love these two were.
Then tragedy strikes, Aladar is caught by the Nazis and is arrested and sent to a concentration camp in Dachau. Hanna goes almost two years without hearing anything from Aladar until he was released. Though Aladar was forever a changed man they were still so in love!


Thoughts:  This book really wasn't my cup of tea and I wished there were more love letters to read, but I would highly recommend this book if you like memoirs mixed with history. Make sure to pick up this book!

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