Friday, May 31, 2013

My Not - So - Still Life by Liz Gallagher BOOK REVIEW!!!

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Title: My Not - So- Still Life

Author: Liz Gallagher

Published: Wendy Lamb Books

Vanessa is a 16 year old girl who just broke up with her (or so she thought) boyfriend and is look to escape the life of a teenager.
Vanessa lives a very colorful life in the fact that she loves anything art, and with her constantly changing hair colors and bright clothes she isn't afraid to express it. The first chapter starts with Vanessa with the help of her friend Nick dyeing her hair hot pink to match her personality. The first chapter introduces you to her friend Nick who makes comic books...well he used to until Vanessa's "boyfriend" stopped helping him with it. Nick mostly likes to color things in while Jewel (Vanessa's "boyfriend") would do everything else so when Jewel decided that he didn't want to hang out with them anymore it did more than just hurt Vanessa. Nick and Vanessa are two misfits at their high school, Vanessa with her strange hair and clothes knew from the first day of high school when a jock wrote the word "Freak!" on her homeroom desk that she wasn't what most people would think of a normal teenager. Nick is gay and even though he is openly about it the whole thing still makes him uncomfortable. They also have another friend named Holly but she goes to another school and she is every parents dream child. Holly loves music and is constantly practicing her cello to become some big name in classical music. Now that you have met the cast lets meet the main character!
Vanessa lives with her grandpa and her mother in a tiny home near the water where her mother works at all hours on the docks. Vanessa loves her home life but she feels that her mother should get out more, she also doesn't like the fact that she is slowly watching her grandpa get older. All of that is about to change as Vanessa applies for a job at the local art supply store which she nails without a problem. Shortly after she starts to change, she becomes pushy and bossy with her friends and slowly starts to act older than she is. Vanessa and her friends begin to have spats and at some point don't talk to each other. Vanessa's mother knew that this was going to happen which she expressed when Vanessa told the news of her new job. Her mother thought she was trying to rush into adulthood to early and that Vanessa should just worry about the her school's art shows like she used to. The problem is Vanessa is over high school and is ready to be an adult which eventually leads to trouble later on in the book when she meets a 19 year guy with a fake ID that she falls for.
Is growing up really worth doing illegal things and losing your self respect? That is the question in this book.


Thoughts: I gave this book three stars because I really didn't like the main character very much in the way that she was rude to everyone and how she treated her friends. I thought the main character was very narcissistic and very stupid for her age. Also I would like to point out that my library had a stamp on the inside of the book that said Interest Level 9 - 12 and I thought the ages should have been from like 12 - 15. I just think 9 is a little to young to be reading about fake IDs and sex but maybe it's just me.

Quotes :

" You're not normal, Nick....maybe no one is. Maybe that's what's really beautiful in life."

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare BOOK REVIEW!!!

Title 1: Clockwork Angle

Author: Cassandra Clare

Published: Simon & Schuster

 Tessa has always been a little odd and there really wasn't much love from the family end so her life was at a stale mate. Then Tessa is kidnapped and in the time of her capture she learns not everything about herself but enough to know that she can shape shift into anyone she wishes as long as she is holding an object that they have touched or owned. Tessa is reluctant to learn to use her new power but her kidnappers beat her until she relents. They do this often so as to prepare her for a very important person named Mortmain and he has a big plan for her.
Tessa spends most of her nights with the free of the unknown person and if she is even going to see another day. She was about at her wits end when her doorknob started to rattle as if someone were entering. Tessa thinking she was going to be beaten again thought tonight she would fight back so she waited for the person to enter before clobbering this person over the head. That is how Tessa met William Herondale and he opens up the world or should I say Downworld of shadow hunters.
The first book you get a good feel for the characters while the story follows Tessa as she learns about herself.

Title 2: Clockwork Prince

Clockwork Prince came out and I got a copy right away and then I was lucky enough to get my hand on the audio book for it which was FANTASTIC!
This book changed it up a bit with you following different characters which made me get attached to them even more ( Darn you Cassandra Clare!!!).
Mortmain is on the loose and he will stop it nothing to get Tessa away from the very shadow hunters he hopes to destroy. With Tessa living under the institute's roof with the shadow hunters of the area they all begin to get close. The Head of the institute almost adopts Tessa as if you would a child and everyone carries on with life as if a family would ( if killing demons was a family business). Tessa and two house maids begin to train so they are able to protect themselves taking a bit of burden off the guys. My favorite part of this book was following Will as he repeatedly met with a warlock to break a curse he feels that binds him. As the story goes on you get a good dose of romance that everyone has been looking over until BAM! It's in your face and your shocked!

Title 3: Clockwork Princess

Clockwork Princess was given to me as a gift because I didn't have the funds at the time to buy a copy when it first came out and I was thinking I would have to wait until Skeletor got me a copy. I was so excited that I rushed through the book I was reading so I could start Clockwork. I read This book a little slow because I wanted to make it last ( I hate waiting for books and if it's the last book in a series I can't stand it).
The first chapter of the book starts off with Tessa getting fitted for a wedding gown...that's right I said it WEDDING GOWN! There is friendly chatter going on around the room of the lovely wedding to come and the writing is so good that you can just picture the wedding dress. That's when news comes from downstairs that another shadow hunter has come covered in blood with news that Demon Pox has sprung up and shadow hunters needed to come quick to deal with this matter. William had been telling everyone of Demon Pox for quite some time and everyone kept brushing him off saying they killed off Demon Pox (he was super happy to deal with the demon pox). Turns out they didn't and during their battle with the infected person a treasure chest of information about Mortmain's location are found. It takes some breaking the law to get their hands on the information and the head of the institute is yelled at for reading everything before reporting it to the Clave first. Everyone seems to be doing well until Jem (one of the shadow hunters) tells will that he is sick and there is no medicine. Mortmain knew Jem would need the medicine so he made sure he bought up every last drop of it and blocked new shipments in the hopes of blackmailing them into giving him Tessa for Jem's life. They refuse of course and then more Kidnapping and blood is shed....

Rating for all three books:

Thoughts:  I remember some years ago walking into a book store and finally giving into the book with the lovely cover. At the time I didn't know that I would become so attached and when reading emotionally attached to this series. The book was Clockwork Angel and it sat on my shelf for the longest time until one day I picked it up and began reading. It didn't take me long before I would pulled into the the life of a girl named Tessa Gray. I would have to say out of all three books the third one was my favorite though I almost cried at the end but everything seemed to come together nicely. Through this series I have fallen in love with the characters so much that they almost feel real to me. I love this series and feel that anyone could read it and fall in love with it just as I have. If you like fairies,warlocks,fallen angels,demons,vampires, or werewolves YOU WILL LOVE THIS SERIES!

" The Infernal Devices are without pity. The Infernal Devices are without regret. The Infernal Devices are without number. The Infernal Devices will never stop coming. "

 " You are the first dream of my soul."

" We cannot save them from themselves."

"When two people are at one in the inner most hearts, they shatter even the strength of Iron or Bronze."

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We FINALLY Moved!!!!

I had my doubts for a while because people were taking their sweet time moving out and all that jazz but last week we finally got the keys to our new apartment. Moving was a B**** though since it was mostly Sheldon (husband) and me moving things. After the first day of packing and moving things we had some divine intervention from a friend which was awesome since the two guys can move furniture a lot better than me and one guy. The going up and down the stairs with heavy boxes took it's toll on my legs and by the end of the 2nd day of moving I flipped out because I couldn't find my PJs and sat in the middle of the floor in the middle of the boxes and cried. After I had a nice hot shower in our new apartment (I am loving the water pressure and the hot water) I felt so much better. The day after that there wasn't really much big things to do just little things had to be moved over and the apartment got a little cleaning so we didn't look like slobs. Husband worked half the day at his job so I did most of the moving by myself during the morning and all that was left was mostly garbage and cleaning.
This past weekend was spent unpacking... seriously my book shelf looks like a library threw up on it.
I was actually worried for a bit there because I was told the apartment was super small. It is smaller than the one we had but I was under the impression that it was so small that there would be no room for my books. I about flipped a biscuit. When we moved though we noticed there was room for two books shelves and even a third which we don't have yet but I hustled to get all my books on a shelf. I also didn't want to be a hog and hog all the book shelves but I seriously need another shelf because there are books everywhere.
Are clothes are still in the boxes because don't have dressers to put them in since our dressers were crap and broke so we tossed them. Other than that everything is on unpacked except the nick-nacks and clothes.
I almost forgot to tell you that we had little neighbors that we noticed when we first moved in. they only stayed for 2 days then most of them flew away and the runt stayed an extra day. The only problem was that the mother bird wasn't coming back to feed the runt who I named Dale so I figured he might like some food after a day of nothing. I got some of our wheat bread and was going to take him a piece but when I tried to feed him bits of the bread he flew off. I am guessing he just need a little shove to leave the nest.
We also went to see Star Trek on Friday and it was AMAZING! That is coming from someone that doesn't like Star Trek. I hate the show so I figured the movie would be just as bad but it was so good that I want to go see it again!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Six - Gun Snow White by Catherynne M. Valente BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Six - Gun Snow White

Author: Catherynne M. Valente

Published: Subterranean

The fist chapter of the book is just you getting the story from an older woman about a man named Mr. H. You see Mr.H never really believed in love at first sight until he met Gun That Sings who would later become Snow White's birth mother. Gun That Sings was a Native American woman who Mr.H just happened to see while he was in town one day. He fell so hard in love with her that he went searching for her through out town. Gun That Sings didn't live in town you see she lived in a Native American village with her family. Mr. H was pointed to the village in which he quickly rode off to in the hopes of getting Gun That Sings to marry him. Mr.H is very rich and made sure to buy Gun That Sings many gifts in the hopes of buying her hand in marriage.
The gifts didn't take at first it took many tries before Gun That Sings family told her to go with him. Gun That Sings wasn't happy with Mr.H and with his trying to make her "respectable" she felt that he was trying to make her something she wasn't and for that she never really loved him. The only good thing to come from the marriage was the birth of Snow White which inevitably killed Gun That Sings.
From the looks of it Mr.H did in fact love his daughter and lavished her in riches and gifts. Then some years later Mr.H found another wife one of whom Snow was told to stay away from because of her mixed race she fight scare off the new wives family from the home. Snow was fine with that because she had ways of seeing what was going on in places she was told not to be. Which is how she found the mirror...


Thoughts: Almost everyone that reads should know that when walking through the library you always find that one odd book that sticks out to you, well this one was mine. An old West take on the fairy tale Snow White! I loved this book I just wished the ending could have been a happier one. I especially love the seven out laws in the place of the dwarfs. There was also a "deer boy" half deer half man in the story that I wish could have had a bigger part. For such a short book thought it was AWESOME!


 " I am freedom and I will eat your heart."

" One thing I have learned about running away is that once you start there is no end to it."

Apache Folktale in the front of the book:

" Coyote had a plan which he knew he could carry out because of his great power. He took his heart and cut it in half. He put one half right at the tip of his nose and that other half at the end of his tail."

                                                                   ~   ~   ~

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury BOOK REVIEW!!!

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Title: Fahrenheit 451

Author: Ray Bradbury

Published: Plaza y Janes

The main story is about a society in which free thinking is frowned upon and books are forbidden. The story follows Guy Montage a fireman who's purpose is to find books and eradicate them even if that means killing people in the process. In this day in age the ownership of a book will not only get you house and all your things burned but it will also get you arrested.
In the first part of the book Guy is coming home from a day of book burning to find his neighbors young daughter outside just standing by the road. This intrigues Guy who sparks up a conversation with the girl. This girl opens Guy's eyes to things that in this day in age go unnoticed by people shell like people that are still alive. She asks Guy if he knew that back before house were make fire proof that firemen actually put out fires instead of causing them. That conversation quickly turns into "have you smelled freshly fallen leaves? They smell like spices don't they?" Guy ask the girl why she is out so late at night and she tells him she likes to walk which most people don't do anymore. The girl has no friends and is deemed antisocial at her school because she "thinks to much and asks questions".
Guy has never really felt like everyone else in the sense that he can't just sit in front of the TV all the time and watch the programs that the government find acceptable. Then one day while Guy is at work a call comes in saying that books have been found in a home and the firemen quickly go to the home.
The woman at the house begins to quote books as the firemen show up and begin tearing up the home looking for the books. Guy feels sympathy for this woman and stays with her as the other firemen toss the found books into a pile in the middle of the house.

What is in these books to make it against the law to own one? What are people so afraid of? Guy runs these thoughts through his mind before quickly reaching down to pick up a book from the burn pile and hiding it in his coat. This is where Guy finally changes, something happened that night to make him snap and after that night nothing was the same ever again.
Guy later tried to read the book but they have been forbidden for so long that most people even if they did read they don't understand the words like should. They get nothing out of the words they read....
War is also always going on with random bombs being dropped in places deemed unacceptable.

War, human shells, no books, and no free thinking.....


Thoughts: I have been wanting to read this book for a few years now and I finally got my hands on a copy! I got this book a day ago and I read through it quickly. The writing was a little odd but once you get used to it the story flows better. There was also two little stories at the end of the book that didn't really go with the main story and I thought were a bit unnecessary. I don't regret reading this book but I find it a bit disturbing because I can kind of picture this really happening and it's scary.


"Titles glittered their golden eyes, falling, gone."

"We are all bits and pieces of history and literature

                                                                     ~   ~   ~