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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury BOOK REVIEW!!!

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Title: Fahrenheit 451

Author: Ray Bradbury

Published: Plaza y Janes

The main story is about a society in which free thinking is frowned upon and books are forbidden. The story follows Guy Montage a fireman who's purpose is to find books and eradicate them even if that means killing people in the process. In this day in age the ownership of a book will not only get you house and all your things burned but it will also get you arrested.
In the first part of the book Guy is coming home from a day of book burning to find his neighbors young daughter outside just standing by the road. This intrigues Guy who sparks up a conversation with the girl. This girl opens Guy's eyes to things that in this day in age go unnoticed by people shell like people that are still alive. She asks Guy if he knew that back before house were make fire proof that firemen actually put out fires instead of causing them. That conversation quickly turns into "have you smelled freshly fallen leaves? They smell like spices don't they?" Guy ask the girl why she is out so late at night and she tells him she likes to walk which most people don't do anymore. The girl has no friends and is deemed antisocial at her school because she "thinks to much and asks questions".
Guy has never really felt like everyone else in the sense that he can't just sit in front of the TV all the time and watch the programs that the government find acceptable. Then one day while Guy is at work a call comes in saying that books have been found in a home and the firemen quickly go to the home.
The woman at the house begins to quote books as the firemen show up and begin tearing up the home looking for the books. Guy feels sympathy for this woman and stays with her as the other firemen toss the found books into a pile in the middle of the house.

What is in these books to make it against the law to own one? What are people so afraid of? Guy runs these thoughts through his mind before quickly reaching down to pick up a book from the burn pile and hiding it in his coat. This is where Guy finally changes, something happened that night to make him snap and after that night nothing was the same ever again.
Guy later tried to read the book but they have been forbidden for so long that most people even if they did read they don't understand the words like should. They get nothing out of the words they read....
War is also always going on with random bombs being dropped in places deemed unacceptable.

War, human shells, no books, and no free thinking.....


Thoughts: I have been wanting to read this book for a few years now and I finally got my hands on a copy! I got this book a day ago and I read through it quickly. The writing was a little odd but once you get used to it the story flows better. There was also two little stories at the end of the book that didn't really go with the main story and I thought were a bit unnecessary. I don't regret reading this book but I find it a bit disturbing because I can kind of picture this really happening and it's scary.


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