Friday, May 31, 2013

My Not - So - Still Life by Liz Gallagher BOOK REVIEW!!!

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Title: My Not - So- Still Life

Author: Liz Gallagher

Published: Wendy Lamb Books

Vanessa is a 16 year old girl who just broke up with her (or so she thought) boyfriend and is look to escape the life of a teenager.
Vanessa lives a very colorful life in the fact that she loves anything art, and with her constantly changing hair colors and bright clothes she isn't afraid to express it. The first chapter starts with Vanessa with the help of her friend Nick dyeing her hair hot pink to match her personality. The first chapter introduces you to her friend Nick who makes comic books...well he used to until Vanessa's "boyfriend" stopped helping him with it. Nick mostly likes to color things in while Jewel (Vanessa's "boyfriend") would do everything else so when Jewel decided that he didn't want to hang out with them anymore it did more than just hurt Vanessa. Nick and Vanessa are two misfits at their high school, Vanessa with her strange hair and clothes knew from the first day of high school when a jock wrote the word "Freak!" on her homeroom desk that she wasn't what most people would think of a normal teenager. Nick is gay and even though he is openly about it the whole thing still makes him uncomfortable. They also have another friend named Holly but she goes to another school and she is every parents dream child. Holly loves music and is constantly practicing her cello to become some big name in classical music. Now that you have met the cast lets meet the main character!
Vanessa lives with her grandpa and her mother in a tiny home near the water where her mother works at all hours on the docks. Vanessa loves her home life but she feels that her mother should get out more, she also doesn't like the fact that she is slowly watching her grandpa get older. All of that is about to change as Vanessa applies for a job at the local art supply store which she nails without a problem. Shortly after she starts to change, she becomes pushy and bossy with her friends and slowly starts to act older than she is. Vanessa and her friends begin to have spats and at some point don't talk to each other. Vanessa's mother knew that this was going to happen which she expressed when Vanessa told the news of her new job. Her mother thought she was trying to rush into adulthood to early and that Vanessa should just worry about the her school's art shows like she used to. The problem is Vanessa is over high school and is ready to be an adult which eventually leads to trouble later on in the book when she meets a 19 year guy with a fake ID that she falls for.
Is growing up really worth doing illegal things and losing your self respect? That is the question in this book.


Thoughts: I gave this book three stars because I really didn't like the main character very much in the way that she was rude to everyone and how she treated her friends. I thought the main character was very narcissistic and very stupid for her age. Also I would like to point out that my library had a stamp on the inside of the book that said Interest Level 9 - 12 and I thought the ages should have been from like 12 - 15. I just think 9 is a little to young to be reading about fake IDs and sex but maybe it's just me.

Quotes :

" You're not normal, Nick....maybe no one is. Maybe that's what's really beautiful in life."

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