Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare BOOK REVIEW!!!

Title 1: Clockwork Angle

Author: Cassandra Clare

Published: Simon & Schuster

 Tessa has always been a little odd and there really wasn't much love from the family end so her life was at a stale mate. Then Tessa is kidnapped and in the time of her capture she learns not everything about herself but enough to know that she can shape shift into anyone she wishes as long as she is holding an object that they have touched or owned. Tessa is reluctant to learn to use her new power but her kidnappers beat her until she relents. They do this often so as to prepare her for a very important person named Mortmain and he has a big plan for her.
Tessa spends most of her nights with the free of the unknown person and if she is even going to see another day. She was about at her wits end when her doorknob started to rattle as if someone were entering. Tessa thinking she was going to be beaten again thought tonight she would fight back so she waited for the person to enter before clobbering this person over the head. That is how Tessa met William Herondale and he opens up the world or should I say Downworld of shadow hunters.
The first book you get a good feel for the characters while the story follows Tessa as she learns about herself.

Title 2: Clockwork Prince

Clockwork Prince came out and I got a copy right away and then I was lucky enough to get my hand on the audio book for it which was FANTASTIC!
This book changed it up a bit with you following different characters which made me get attached to them even more ( Darn you Cassandra Clare!!!).
Mortmain is on the loose and he will stop it nothing to get Tessa away from the very shadow hunters he hopes to destroy. With Tessa living under the institute's roof with the shadow hunters of the area they all begin to get close. The Head of the institute almost adopts Tessa as if you would a child and everyone carries on with life as if a family would ( if killing demons was a family business). Tessa and two house maids begin to train so they are able to protect themselves taking a bit of burden off the guys. My favorite part of this book was following Will as he repeatedly met with a warlock to break a curse he feels that binds him. As the story goes on you get a good dose of romance that everyone has been looking over until BAM! It's in your face and your shocked!

Title 3: Clockwork Princess

Clockwork Princess was given to me as a gift because I didn't have the funds at the time to buy a copy when it first came out and I was thinking I would have to wait until Skeletor got me a copy. I was so excited that I rushed through the book I was reading so I could start Clockwork. I read This book a little slow because I wanted to make it last ( I hate waiting for books and if it's the last book in a series I can't stand it).
The first chapter of the book starts off with Tessa getting fitted for a wedding gown...that's right I said it WEDDING GOWN! There is friendly chatter going on around the room of the lovely wedding to come and the writing is so good that you can just picture the wedding dress. That's when news comes from downstairs that another shadow hunter has come covered in blood with news that Demon Pox has sprung up and shadow hunters needed to come quick to deal with this matter. William had been telling everyone of Demon Pox for quite some time and everyone kept brushing him off saying they killed off Demon Pox (he was super happy to deal with the demon pox). Turns out they didn't and during their battle with the infected person a treasure chest of information about Mortmain's location are found. It takes some breaking the law to get their hands on the information and the head of the institute is yelled at for reading everything before reporting it to the Clave first. Everyone seems to be doing well until Jem (one of the shadow hunters) tells will that he is sick and there is no medicine. Mortmain knew Jem would need the medicine so he made sure he bought up every last drop of it and blocked new shipments in the hopes of blackmailing them into giving him Tessa for Jem's life. They refuse of course and then more Kidnapping and blood is shed....

Rating for all three books:

Thoughts:  I remember some years ago walking into a book store and finally giving into the book with the lovely cover. At the time I didn't know that I would become so attached and when reading emotionally attached to this series. The book was Clockwork Angel and it sat on my shelf for the longest time until one day I picked it up and began reading. It didn't take me long before I would pulled into the the life of a girl named Tessa Gray. I would have to say out of all three books the third one was my favorite though I almost cried at the end but everything seemed to come together nicely. Through this series I have fallen in love with the characters so much that they almost feel real to me. I love this series and feel that anyone could read it and fall in love with it just as I have. If you like fairies,warlocks,fallen angels,demons,vampires, or werewolves YOU WILL LOVE THIS SERIES!

" The Infernal Devices are without pity. The Infernal Devices are without regret. The Infernal Devices are without number. The Infernal Devices will never stop coming. "

 " You are the first dream of my soul."

" We cannot save them from themselves."

"When two people are at one in the inner most hearts, they shatter even the strength of Iron or Bronze."

                                                              ~   ~   ~


  1. Well it's a darn good thing you didn't have to wait for Skeletor to get you a copy! I know this was the best of all and it totally dragged your heart around. a great ending to a superb series!

  2. OMG that still for Bottle Of Pain is frightening... whoa interesting to see that first thing on a Tuesday morning bahahahaha

    I only lightly skimmed your reviews because I haven't gotten started on this series, but I do really want to. Love that they all worked so well for you and that they seemed to get even better as new ones came out. It's not often that you find a series like that!

    1. I know right! I thought the song fit the bad guy in the series perfect.