Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We FINALLY Moved!!!!

I had my doubts for a while because people were taking their sweet time moving out and all that jazz but last week we finally got the keys to our new apartment. Moving was a B**** though since it was mostly Sheldon (husband) and me moving things. After the first day of packing and moving things we had some divine intervention from a friend which was awesome since the two guys can move furniture a lot better than me and one guy. The going up and down the stairs with heavy boxes took it's toll on my legs and by the end of the 2nd day of moving I flipped out because I couldn't find my PJs and sat in the middle of the floor in the middle of the boxes and cried. After I had a nice hot shower in our new apartment (I am loving the water pressure and the hot water) I felt so much better. The day after that there wasn't really much big things to do just little things had to be moved over and the apartment got a little cleaning so we didn't look like slobs. Husband worked half the day at his job so I did most of the moving by myself during the morning and all that was left was mostly garbage and cleaning.
This past weekend was spent unpacking... seriously my book shelf looks like a library threw up on it.
I was actually worried for a bit there because I was told the apartment was super small. It is smaller than the one we had but I was under the impression that it was so small that there would be no room for my books. I about flipped a biscuit. When we moved though we noticed there was room for two books shelves and even a third which we don't have yet but I hustled to get all my books on a shelf. I also didn't want to be a hog and hog all the book shelves but I seriously need another shelf because there are books everywhere.
Are clothes are still in the boxes because don't have dressers to put them in since our dressers were crap and broke so we tossed them. Other than that everything is on unpacked except the nick-nacks and clothes.
I almost forgot to tell you that we had little neighbors that we noticed when we first moved in. they only stayed for 2 days then most of them flew away and the runt stayed an extra day. The only problem was that the mother bird wasn't coming back to feed the runt who I named Dale so I figured he might like some food after a day of nothing. I got some of our wheat bread and was going to take him a piece but when I tried to feed him bits of the bread he flew off. I am guessing he just need a little shove to leave the nest.
We also went to see Star Trek on Friday and it was AMAZING! That is coming from someone that doesn't like Star Trek. I hate the show so I figured the movie would be just as bad but it was so good that I want to go see it again!


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