Friday, June 21, 2013

The Day of the Bunny!

Last week I was working the pool during the weekend like I always do when I noticed that there are new baby geese out by the runoff pond behind the pool. I got really excited and decided that I wanted to walk down there and get some pictures of the new (well almost grown) babies and maybe collect some feathers. On my way down there the first thing I noticed was a praying mantis egg which I collected to put on my flowers after I got home because lets face it praying mantis eat like crazy and I hate that bugs keep eating my plants. I am not sure but I think that they will hatch after summer but my Ivy will be staying outside during the winter so they need a little help with bugs.
After grabbing the egg I continued my walk down to the pond and as I got closer I noticed this rabbit just sitting there in the tall grass just staring at me. I thought it was weird how close this rabbit let me get without moving and I snapped a quick picture of it which it didn't like so it bolted into the tree line. I shrugged it off and started to walk towards the geese when all of a sudden I hear a scurrying noise of a bunch of tiny feet running in all directions. It scared the crap out me which made me look to see what the noise was and that is when I noticed that I had almost stepped on a bunch of tiny baby bunnies that were out with their mother. The were so cute so I got down to take a picture of them before they ran into the tree line but as I turned to start walking to the geese I noticed that one of the babies was really close to the water of the pond so I walked over there but every step I took he got closer and would run towards the tree line so I got down there and picked him up. I didn't think people would believe I held two different baby animals in less than a month so I took two pictures of him sitting in my hand.
I then walked him up to the tree line sat him down and shuffled my feet to make him run in the woods where his mother was waiting ( I could see her sitting in the woods).
After all that I walked down to the geese took some pictures and collected some feathers.
I actually used one of the feathers for my decorations on my altar for Summer.
I am hoping that my strange adventures continue because I love helping animals.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Why Do Summer Movies Suck For Women?! Uh, They Dont?

I got my July issue of Cosmopolitan magazine in the mail last week and normally I get joy out of reading my Cosmo magazine but I was shocked when I saw a certain article. The title is Why Do Summer Movies Suck For Women and if you read it the article states that and I quote " I learn of the summer blockbuster lineup-full of Razzie-worthy action sequels, Michael Bay's latest excuse to blow up stuff ". It then stated that women aren't interested in movies unless they follow these three rules

 1. Has two or more women (who have names)

2.The Women talk to each other

3. They talk about something other than a man

The rules are fine but then they started to complain about The Avengers movie from last year which pulled in $600 million. I went to see The Avengers two times last year and I can safely say that the women in that movie kicked major butt! They also had names Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow), Agent Maria Hill, there was also Pepper Potts (she had a small parts). I don't care what anyone says Black Widow was awesome I loved her so much and agent Maria Hill also kicked butt even taking on Loki for a bit in the beginning.
The article suggested movies like Bridesmaids,Pitch Perfect,and the new movie coming out this year called The To-Do List. I can tell you now that I have only seen one movie out of the three and the only reason we watched it was because I like Drew Barrymore. I don't really like Chick flicks very much and I would So choose a super hero movie or horror movie over a chick flick any day of the week. Another thing I read the plot of The To-Do List and it is as follows :
Brandy wants a sex experience before college, makes a list.
WTF that sounds so stupid to me!
The article then talks about another movie coming out this summer called Black Rock and here is the plot for that movie as well:

When a camping trip goes awry, three girlfriends bond over survival, not brunch.
....If I watch this movie at all it will be because it was on Netflix or something like that but I would not pay to go see it. The magazine suggests that most people won't go see this because it's about women and if it was about three guys the theater would be packed they then brought up the movie 127 Hours and I have never seen that movie either and I probably won't because I thought it sounded boring. To finish off this rant they had a meter on the side of the article with movies that you should go see with your girl friend or wife and movies that girls "wouldn't like". Guess what I like two movies on the No part of the meter and it says "Sucks for women" beside them. Those movies would be R.I.P.D. and of course 300: Rise of An Empire (which has not one but two kick butt females in it this year). I have prof Cosmo that you are false in the remark that summer sucks movie wise for women! I actually look forward to the summer movies and I am a female.