Friday, June 21, 2013

The Day of the Bunny!

Last week I was working the pool during the weekend like I always do when I noticed that there are new baby geese out by the runoff pond behind the pool. I got really excited and decided that I wanted to walk down there and get some pictures of the new (well almost grown) babies and maybe collect some feathers. On my way down there the first thing I noticed was a praying mantis egg which I collected to put on my flowers after I got home because lets face it praying mantis eat like crazy and I hate that bugs keep eating my plants. I am not sure but I think that they will hatch after summer but my Ivy will be staying outside during the winter so they need a little help with bugs.
After grabbing the egg I continued my walk down to the pond and as I got closer I noticed this rabbit just sitting there in the tall grass just staring at me. I thought it was weird how close this rabbit let me get without moving and I snapped a quick picture of it which it didn't like so it bolted into the tree line. I shrugged it off and started to walk towards the geese when all of a sudden I hear a scurrying noise of a bunch of tiny feet running in all directions. It scared the crap out me which made me look to see what the noise was and that is when I noticed that I had almost stepped on a bunch of tiny baby bunnies that were out with their mother. The were so cute so I got down to take a picture of them before they ran into the tree line but as I turned to start walking to the geese I noticed that one of the babies was really close to the water of the pond so I walked over there but every step I took he got closer and would run towards the tree line so I got down there and picked him up. I didn't think people would believe I held two different baby animals in less than a month so I took two pictures of him sitting in my hand.
I then walked him up to the tree line sat him down and shuffled my feet to make him run in the woods where his mother was waiting ( I could see her sitting in the woods).
After all that I walked down to the geese took some pictures and collected some feathers.
I actually used one of the feathers for my decorations on my altar for Summer.
I am hoping that my strange adventures continue because I love helping animals.

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