Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Book Signing? Oh Hell Yes!

I learned last month that there would be a book signing near Skeletor's house and he asked if I wanted to stay the signing on that Saturday Oh hell yes I wanted to go! So I was picked up the Thursday before the book signing so I could do some other things while I was in town. While I was there I tried two different places that had ice cream and I went to the park as well as the malls in the area. My favorite time was when we went to Half Price Books because it's FREAKING AWESOME! Needless to say I left Half Price with an arm full of books because I can't go to that place and not get something. After two long nights of not sleeping well because I forgot to pack my pills and I don't sleep by myself, the longest I think I slept the whole time I was there was about 4 hours which is pathetic. Anyways Saturday finally came and it looked to be an eventful day. I figured that it would be after we got breakfast at McDonalds and the guy bringing us our food slipped and fell (he was ok we check on him).
Skeletor had to work for a couple of hours so he dropped me off at the bookstore hours early so I could get really good seats (which I did). I walked around for a while just killing time by looking at books and what not then I noticed that they started to set the place up for the book signing so I started to hover in the area of the signing. A staff member that was setting things up noticed me and struck up a conversation with me about books which I was happy to talk about. He asked who I was excited to see and I quickly told him that I was there for Julie Kagawa and Aprilynne Pike (who I love because her Wings series is awesome). While I was talking to the male staff member Kristina Mcbride walked up and sat some of her things down so she could walk around and shop. She walked over to the Cassandra Clare table will all of her books on it and started to look through it. She looked like she might need some help so the staffer who was talking to me walked over to her to talk to her about the books she was looking at. That is when I heard her ask about the Cassandra Clare books she said she wasn't a fan of the Clockwork series but she wondered if she would like City Of Bones, she wanted to know if they were set in the same world. I walked up to her and said that they were but Clockwork was set in like the 1800's where as the City Of Bones was set in modern day. She said "ah, that is probably why I didn't like Clockwork then because I don't like historical books". I told her then she probably would like the other series then and as far as I know she bought a copy of it but I gave her some privacy while she shopped and went to sit back down.
I got a seat in the front row right up against the table and the male staff member I was talking to before gave me a book to read while I waited because he said since I liked the Clockwork series I would probably like The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson.
I read a bit of it and it did seem like it would be a good book and I would have bought it but I was on a mission and because of that I saved my money for book signing books. Skeletor joined me a short time later then Aprilynne Pike was the 2nd author to arrive and she was sporting her very own pair of Google Glasses. It wasn't long until the rest of the author's showed up and were walking around chatting with each other before the signing ( they even posed for pictures).
The books signing started on a good note and the first person to ask a question was a librarian who then got a prize from the authors for asking a question. After that more people to ask questions some just so they could get prizes and you could tell because they would ask questions that had already been answered. Julie Kagawa had two prizes that she brought with her that she hand made, one was a little chibi vampire girl and another was a blue and purple dragon. She brought them to give away but she didn't want to give them away as asking questions prizes which she stated at the very beginning of the Q&A. Most of us understood that but there was this one girl who was sitting behind us that was rude about it and complained when they told her no. They told her they would give her a book for a prize and she thought it would be smart to say this rude comment "what if you don't want the book you are giving away". That was when I realized that the giving away of prizes though smart and very fun had turned people into rude animals with no respect.
I am not going to lie that it took the authors a while to answer me because I am to nice during book signings and I didn't raise my hand up super high and act like a little kid in school who wags their hand and goes "ooooo pick me pick me" (like the other girl who also sat behind me). I thought for sure that they were just going to keep ignoring me which upset me since I was being good and respecting everyone. The Julie Kagawa came through for me and said "she has had her hand raised for a while so it's her turn". My question to them was "after you release a popular smash hit book do you feel pressured to always be epic no matter what your writing or do you just go with the flow. I also told them I came up with the question because of the J.K. Rowling thing recently. They all told me that they are no J.K. Rowling and yes they do feel pressured sometimes and the ones that actually read the reviews for their books are hurt sometimes when they get a negative review. I then was given my prize book from Julie Kagawa which was The Iron Traitor.
Shortly after my question the Q&A ended and though I didn't win the Dragon everything was still going smoothly. Then they told us to line up for the signing and since there was no rime or reason to it Skeletor bolted up first and was first in line. Aprilynne Pike was my first stop and I walked up to her and told her how much I loved her and that her books were awesome and she smiled and asked if I wanted a cupcake. That comment set the girl next in line behind me off and she said "those cupcakes are supposed to be for people who said the secret word"! Aprilynne Pike then told her " she told me she loved me so she is getting a cupcake".
That shut the girl up behind me and I got my raspberry chocolate cupcake, come to find out the cupcake thing was a twitter contest were you would have to say a secret word then you would get a cupcake...I had no clue about this contest and wasn't told about it until later. I eventually got all my things signed we were hanging out at the end of the table with two other author's who didn't have any people getting things signed from them. We actually sat there for a bit talking books with them can you believe it! All in all the day was good though I wish people had better manors and respect for other people. I ended up spending $40 on books and my little tote bag was so full it actually ripped (I have to sew it back together). Atleast now I can say hey I mingled at a book signing for once!





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