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Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Ender's Game

Author: Orson Scott Card

Published: Tor Science Fiction

I was told last year that I probably wouldn't like this book because of the military tactics in the store and how most of the book was just strategy. I believed them for a time but this year when I saw that the book was being made into a movie and I had watched all the trailers for it and thought it sounded good so I picked it up and read it anyways. After the first two chapters I was quickly hooked and I found myself staying up real late just to read it. The book wasn't all about strategy at all and yes I get that it was about military in the the future but most of the story was about Ender Wiggin a young boy who thrust into the military training school at the age of six...

We didn't see them coming. We didn't see the buggers coming so when they finally got here most of the human race was lost before we figured out how to kill them. And now there are signs that it could happen again and because the buggers learn every time a person fights them to the point where they know you moves before you do we need a new hero. A new commander is needed so the military took it upon themselves to breed new recruits. The worlds children but not just any child can join they must be smart and able to handle combat even if it means killing or being killed...
They wanted someone tuff / hard / able to kill that's how they got Peter Wiggin the oldest of the three Wiggin children. Peter was to willing to kill which he showed signs of early in childhood by torturing children at his school without mercy. So They thought that they should add gentleness to the next child and they got Valentine who was extremely gentle but to gentle to hurt anything let alone fight for the survival of the human race. Even though the law in only two children per house hold they try again with a mix of gentle and hard...that's how they get Ender a third child for the Wiggin family.
Life though it was hard wasn't so bad as long as Ender had his monitor on the back of his neck, though Peter bullied him when he was home nothing really bad could happen to Ender as long as the military let him keep the monitor. Then the day came when Ender was six that the military had seen enough of Ender's mental abilities so they took his monitor away and released him back into the world expecting him to carry on with life like he never had a monitor to begin with. Ender's peers however noticed right away and a few of the bigger kids took it upon themselves to corner Ender as he was leaving school. This was the part where you got to see just how ruthless and smart Ender could be because he not only beat the hell of the main bully but he continued to beat him even after he fell just to make sure they didn't come after him again because they would know that he would hurt them.
When Ender got home his brother Peter wanted to play buggers and Ender was made to be the bugger in the game yet again. Peter beat Ender badly until his sister Valentine walked in and yelled at Peter to stop. Peter stopped of course but made it very clear that he was just waiting for a time when his parents wouldn't be looking so he could kill Ender and Valentine. Peter can finally tell them this now that Ender has lost his monitor but it isn't a surprise to Valentine or Ender because they already know that Peter would probably end up doing it.Of course The military got to Ender first because what they had seen through his monitor was enough for them to know that with training Ender would be the one to save us all.
Training tip one :Isolation
Training tip two : Spotlighting Ender as the best student in the school and make sure the others know it.
Training tip three : Don't let him get comfortable. Whenever he is getting the hang of things move him to a different thing. Will he have time to make friends? Who cares...
Training tip four : Never help him. The others will be jealous and might try to attack him. Should we stop it because we know it's coming? Nope. What if he dies? Well lets just hope he doesn't.
Training tip five : Work him harder than the others until he can't take it anymore. Why are we giving him more battles than the other teams? To break him.
Training tip six : Cheat. He has outsmarted the game so we change the rules to break him even more.
Training tip seven : Force him to kill. You know we could have helped him. He has to learn that he has no friends here sometime.

Play the game....
Learn the moves....
Save us all.....


Thoughts: I loved this book and the characters I just wished that some of the characters would have stayed longer.

" The king had a dream said Valentine
but he forgot what it was, so he told his wise men to interpret the dream or they'd die."

" You get all the pleasures of the puppeteer. Until you get a soldier who can do more than anyone else."

" Why the world of people might be worth the price you pay."

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