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Ghost Series! Incubus Demon

The name Incubus is made from the Latin verb, incubo/incuare or "to lie upon." An Incubus is a demon in male form who , according to a number of mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon sleepers (mostly women) in order to have sexual intercourse with them.
In the legend of Merlin an Incubus pursued sexual relations with a woman in order to father a child. Some say that repeated intercourse with an Incubus or a Succubus may result in failing health and even death.
The Earliest recorded case of an Incubus was in Mesopotamia in 2400 BC.

A real Incubus attack in Alabama.

It was January 2011 and it was snowing in Alabama which doesn't usually happen in the south. Tsura was just starting to show in her pregnancy and had just moved into the apartment with her new husband. She says she was awakened to what she thought was her husband having a bit of fun with her until she got the sudden feeling that something was wrong. You see it didn't take long to realize that her husband wasn't there with her that night so whatever she felt was something else.
When Tsura started to talk with others living in the building around her. The other residents told her that anyone that moved into the apartment she was now living in never stayed for very long. Though Tsura couldn't tell what might be going on from what was told to her it was hinted that something was in fact going on inside her apartment.
Tsura said that he felt like it was some sort of entity. She also said that she would wake to find standing water in her sink and bathtub.

Back to that cold January night...
Tsura's husband was working that night so she was home alone. That night Tsura fell to sleep with her cat. The next things she knows she is being woken up by her legs being spread apart.
Tsura at first thought it was her husband but knowing it wasn't morning yet soon made her realize it was someone or something else. Tsura opened her mouth to scream but stopped short when she saw her attackers face.
Tsura describes the entity's face as being both beautiful and ugly at the same time. Then it fell on top of her with a great weight that knocked the air out of her lungs. Then the entity began to sexually assault Tsura who eventually lost consciousness.
The next morning Tsura awoke to find blood on the sheets, by the time Tsura's husband got home she was already on the phone with 911. Tsura began to cry as she recounted the attack to her husband. Tsura's husband blew it off saying it was sleep paralysis or her body reacting to the rejection of the baby (the baby did infact die that night).
After doing some research Tsura figured that all of the evidence pointed to an Incubus. Tsura was eventually released from the hospital but she moved in somewhere else because there was no way she was going back to that apartment.

Psychological Reason for an Incubus Attack
Usually when an Incubus attack happens it is caused by a state of dissociation. This means that part of the mental apparatus comes to conscious awareness even as the rest of the brain is in the REM stage of sleep. This will make the body remain paralyzed. REM stage sleep could also be a reason fore mistaken sexual attack because it can cause erections for men and lubrication for women. Sleep paralysis can also cause hallucinations...

Which do you believe? Are they real or just sleep paralysis?

A fiction book about an Incubus? 

You heard right it's called  The Demon Lover by Juliet Dark and it was published by Random House!

Just for fun!


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