Friday, September 20, 2013

Library Haul and Review items!

I have been super busy as of lately and I am currently reading three books at once! Scary I know and I will probably stop reading one of them and just read it another time because I have other books that need to get read and quickly. We went to the library this past week and I will go ahead and admit it right now that I have a weakness when it comes to the library I almost always come home with and armful of books or graphic novels. When we went this week it wasn't any different I ended up coming home with all but #3 of the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World graphic novels and I also got the graphic novel version of Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare which I am already to the middle of. Whats funny about the Clockwork Angel graphic novel is that Magnus Bane looks so much different than the guy they got to play him in the City of Bones movie.
I love the guy they picked to play him in the movie I just feel like the one in the graphic novel version is a bit Lestat the vampire looking (just my opinion). I can't wait to finished that and do a review for it though because I am just in love with the whole Infernal Devices series.

While I was walking around running my eyes over the shelves of books I came across Lovely,Dark and Deep by Amy Mcnamara and what caught my eye was the beautiful cover art I fell in love and had to bring it home with me even though now that I think about it I might not have a chance to get to it which makes me sad. I wasn't expecting to pick up anything that was out of my mission which was Scott Pilgrim but when I also found The Fall of Arthur by J.R.R. Tolkien  I figured "what the hell" I will bring them both home with me and read them. The first night I was reading three at once Clockwork Angle, The Fall of Arthur, and Lord of Swords by Ann Lawrence (I got an E-copy of this book for review and so far am loving it). Everything was going well until the 2nd day when I found out that I have another book which should be coming in the mail for review (not going to disclose the title of the book until I have the review copy in my hand) and I also have the whole Watersong series which the publisher was nice enough to finish the set for me so I could review it....
SO MANY BOOKS AND NOT ENOUGH TIME!  To top it off I also won a copy of The Exptionals by Erin Cashman which I have been wanting to read so badly! Sometimes I wish I was like Number 5 from the 1986 film Short Circuit and could read a book as quickly as a person could flip through the pages as if to look for pictures, then I wouldn't be slowly disappearing behind a massive stack of novels all telling me to read them.  Reviews come fist though because the publishers or writers were nice enough to give me a copy of their book so I will always bump them up first!
So be prepared people because there is some serious reading going on and a influx in review is bound to happen!

For Review!


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