Friday, September 13, 2013

A Pup Named Cork + Life and Stuff

I tend to have a lot of Dorky girl problems like the fact that I finished a book Tuesday and I still haven't wrote a book review for it. Why you may ask well because of Ni No Kun.
It's a Playstation 3 game and I seriously play like 6 hours of it yesterday alone. I will do a game review for it when I beat the game. It was made by the guy that made Spirited Away the anime movie so the game's characters look a like the characters from that movie.
In other news I won some books this month and I will doing reviews for two of them and they are Elegy and Tidal by Amanda Hocking. I haven't read any of the books in this series but I have requested them from the library and I will probably have them by the end of next week so I can start reading them for review. I also got a box of books from Harlequin which they expected me to pay for when I didn't order them. I called to cancel any shipping of unordered boxes of box and they guy was nice enough to let me keep them free of charge which was exciting for me because I had gotten on book in the box that I have been wanting to read. That book would be Love Overdue by Pamela Morsi which I tried to get a copy of from Netgalley and I couldn't get one and now I finally have one and I have super excited about it!

On a more serious note I would like to talk about a puppy name Cork who was recently rescued from the Human Society in Columbus Ohio by Skeletor. Skeletor and Penguin (his fiance) went to the Human Society this past Sunday and picked up little 4 month old Beagle mix pup Cork and brought him home. A 4 month old puppy should be super energetic and wanting to play but they just thought "we just got him home maybe he is just adjusting" because he didn't want to play barely ate anything and just wanted to lay around. The next day comes and Cork still doesn't want to play and won't eat. Then Skeletor noticed that he wasn't really using the bathroom very well and when he brought Cork back into the house Cork vomited on the floor. Skeletor took Cork to the vet right away and after some tests were done it turned out that Cork had the Parvo virus which if left untreated is fatal. Skeletor worried asked if he had some how gotten it in the little time that Cork was with him. The vet said it takes up to 4 days for any signs of Parvo show. Well Skeletor only had him for night so there was no way for him to have gotten it from the home. The virus had to have given to poor Cork at the Human Society. Now I know some of you would be thinking "well just take him back" well the vet said that have delt with the Human Society before and if Cork was given back they would just refund his money and then put Cork down without even trying to treat him. Skeletor said "we are going to treat him" then they told him how much it would cost...over $1,000. Skeletor and Penguin will have to make payments on it because who is just walking around with over $1,000 just laying around? Cork is better now and was able to come home last night but it still shocks me that the Human Society there is so ignorant of the virus in their facility. They should take extra care of this virus since in order to get a new dog for your home if you already have a dog is to bring the dog from home to meet their dog first and that short of a contact could expose the person dog to Parvo. Even a  person just going to the Human Society for a visit has a risk of bringing home the virus. Human Societies need to pay more attention to their animals and ALWAYS keep watch for signs of sickness. I also wish they would have a bigger heart and understand that an animal isn't a torn shirt that can be taken back and gotten rid of they are living things that deserve a chance at life even if it is a slim chance it should be given.

To lighten the mood a bit from the last story I figured I would let you guys see some doodles and magazine clippings I have done in my journal I keep in Real Life.

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