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The Search For Artemis by P.D. Griffith BOOK REVIEW!!!

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Title: The Search For Artemis

Author: P.D. Griffith

Published: Gryff Publishing

 For some reason this book reminded me of the X-Men.....

"Through extensive genetic research, we have isolated a particular gene outside the normal human genome that is unique to psychokintetic - capable individuals like yourself - we call it the Prometheus gene. We are still unsure of it's origins, but we do know that the gene remains dormant until one's apocratusis. This event typically occurs during the pubescent phase of development at a time when the subject experiences a moment of heightened stress."

Landon's life is ok, if ok means your family lives in a tiny apartment cluttered with books. We are talking books EVERYWHERE! That's how Landon's mom likes it because his mother loves books, anything to block out your real life. For many years Landon's mom has sheltered Landon from the violence that goes on daily in this household. Landon's dad pretty much runs everything in the seance that you do as he says or else and the or else is always bad. Landon's mom shelters him from it all, when things start to get bad then it's reading time for Landon and he is sent off to his room. Something was different on this night though and it wasn't just the heat. Landon's dad was in a really bad mood and almost didn't make it through dinner. Landon was quickly sent to his room after dinner but didn't stay there when he heard loud screaming and banging out in the living room. Landon knew that his parents fight but on this night the strange banging sounds and the sobbing got to him and he chose to investigate. Walking in to the living room Landon saw his father standing over his mother beating her up pretty badly. Panic ran through Landon and he quickly rush to help his mother but was told to leave. Not being able to prevent his mother from receiving repeated blows to her body Landon went into a strong state of panic and grabbing his head he closed his eyes to scream as loud as he could. There was a large bang before the apartment went silent. Landon opened his eyes, the room was turned upside down with furniture turned over and books all over the place. What caught Landon's attention was the fact that there were still things floating in the air almost like it was suspended with a string or rope. Panic set in as Landon tries to figure out what happened, that's when he notices the blood on the floor and following it he finds the body of his father crushed to death and laying in a heap on the floor.
"What did I do?!" runs through Landon's mind as he looks around at the disaster.
Landon sees his mother also in a heap on the floor a large gash covering her head.
"She's dead...I killed my own mother."
A knock on the door shakes Landon back to reality and in a panic he dashes to his bedroom for a bag. Throwing some clothes in it he escapes out his bedroom window.
" I am a murder...I don't know what one will believe me."

Landon really has no memory of what really happened and having no place to go he spends a few days living on the street until large men in suits start to chase him through town. Landon thinking it's the cops after him outruns them every chance he gets until one day they got to close for comfort almost catching Landon. That's when he hears a woman's voice in his head tell him to run to a location out of the public eye to come with her. Landon didn't trust her at first until she said she could help him and that she knows what happened.
Landon is flown away to a place called the Gymnasium where there are other teenagers and children like him. The Gymnasium is there to teach them how to control their abilities to better themselves for the world...or so they are told when they get there. Turns out there are many secrets left unanswered and there are also people being hurt....tortured even. What is the Gymnasium hiding? What are the teachers training them for? Find Artemis.....she has the answers......


Thoughts: I loved the story line and even though I figured out most of the story long before the truth was told I still enjoyed reading it. The only thing I didn't like about it is the fact that the story just stops right as things are getting good but I understand since it is a series it just annoyed me a bit.

Quotes :  "To speak the name is to control the thing."
 " You must empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like waster. If you put water into a  cut it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend."

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