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Lullaby by Amanda Hocking BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Lullaby

 Author: Amanda Hocking

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin New York

Gemma is gone, leaving Harper at home trying to pick up the pieces that were left behind. There father is totally heart broken and is beginning to stumble through his days in a haze as to why? Why would Gemma just leave when everything was going so well for her? It's just not like her to up and leave without saying goodbye, something bad must have happened to make her do something like that.
Alex (Gemma's boyfriend) is doing everything he can to find Gemma. After the battle (in Wake by Amanda Hocking) Alex was left unconscious so he wasn't able to see Gemma off. Alex doesn't know what happened, but Harper (Gemma's sister) does.
Gemma never wanted to leave her home, but she was left without a choice. Gemma was told to leave or risk watching everyone she loves die by the hand of Penn. That night constantly plays out in Gemma's mind like a recording. What could she have done? Gemma doesn't know enough about Penn, Thea, and Lexi to fight them let alone kill them. She had to leave and now just making it through the night is a struggle with the watersong getting stronger each day sleep is nonexistent. Gemma knows that a swim in the ocean would make her feel so much better but she just can't see herself enjoying the curse that has caused everyone so much pain.
The three sisters go about their lives like nothing has happened. Gemma eventually becomes close to Thea and they begin to talk often. Thea assures Gemma that it does get easier and the victims can be chosen. Thea doesn't like having to feed on humans either but when you have to to live then you aren't left with much of a choice. Thea confides in Gemma and says that she likes to feed on the guilty rather than the innocent. Even if the human hurts others Gemma just doesn't feel like it's her place to play God with the lives of others guilty or not. Gemma not allowing herself to feed is taking a tole on her body and she is slowly losing control of herself, eventually she will have to feed.
Daniel can't believe what he witnessed the night of the battle, was it a Demon or an animal? It looked like an animal but it sounded like Penn. He didn't know what to do but he knew at the time that he had to protect Harper, he still has to protect Harper but now all he can do i keep his eyes open. Daniel begins to seek out Harper in the hopes of making her smile eve though with her sister gone times are hard. No matter how hard Harper tries she is falling for Daniel and he is falling for her. Then Daniel had to hunch that he should pick up a paper, while looking through it he finds some clues. While putting the pieces together he finally realizes that he knows where Gemma has been hiding...


Thoughts: I loved this book even better than the first one! I liked how the book picked right up from where the first one stopped and I also love the romance between Harper and Daniel. I also felt that you get more a feel of the other characters in this book were as the first one was mostly just Gemma and Harper. Also I like the fact that there was a bit of mythology tied with story which involved the Gods and Goddesses. Also and this is very IMPORTANT make sure to read the short story Forgotten Lyrics by Amanda Hocking because it has key points that go along with the Watersong series.

"I never stopped believing in you when we were little, and I'll never stop fighting for you now

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