Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wake by Amanda Hocking BOOK REVIEW!!!

I was given this book the St. Martin's Griffin New York for review and this is a book series I will NEVER forget.

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Title: Wake

Author: Amanda Hocking

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin New York

This is a story about Gemma and her sister Harper.
Gemma is a good swimmer,she can't really explain it but Gemma has always found being in the water relaxing and calming. On top of swim practice for her high school she also goes out late at night to swim at the Bay in the cover of darkness.
Harper has always been the most responsible of the two, even when she was younger she would always stay on top of her school work and watch her sister Gemma. Things changed for Harper after the accident which left her in the position of mother figure for Gemma while her father worked long hours on the docks.
Though this is a strange family setting things aren't so bad for Harper and Gemma but the Summer that Penn,Thea,Lexi, and Arista show up in the small town of Capri.

Penn,Thea,Lexi, and Arista followed the warm weather and the tourist to the little town of Capri. Everyone of course noticed them as soon as they showed up. All four of them are abnormally beautiful and have guys hanging on their every word and sometimes even girls. Rumors start to go around town about the girls and the rumors get worse when one of them vanishes. No one really knows much about the girls they have no clue where they came from or what they are there for and to make matters worse locals are starting to vanish without a trace.

Gemma and Harper continue on with their normal activities until the three strange girls start to show up everywhere they are. The leader of the girls Penn seems to have taken a liking to Gemma and tries several times to get Gemma to swim with them. Gemma is cautious of the girls so turns them down each time they ask. Gemma thought it was just a normal night for her late night swim in the ocean until she doesn't come home. Harper freaks out and forcing her father to go to work telling him she would find Gemma teams up with a male friend named Daniel in the hopes of finding her sister alive.
Harper and Daniel succeed in finding Gemma but she is hung over and covered in scratches and bruises with no memory of what happened to her. Little does Gemma and Harper know that life as they know it is about to change.
Gemma begins to show signs of supernatural powers. Gemma also begins to find green fish scales around the house. Memories start to surface of the night spent swimming and Gemma starts to remember being with Penn and the others. Could they have something to do with her new found powers? Things become even stranger when Penn tells Gemma that she must leave behind everything she knows including her family to join them or die...What will Gemma do? What are these new powers? Is this a blessing or a curse?


Thoughts: I have never read anything like this book before. I didn't really know much about it when I started to read it but by the second chapter I was hooked. I LOVED this book so much and I am very happy and willing to continue the Watersong series. There were times in the story when I would laugh out loud and the wonderful characters and the story line was Amazing! Amanda Hocking all I have to say to you girl is DAMN you can write!
My only problem with the book and this comes with a warning is the very detailed way in which the blood and gore is described. Though this book is a YA novel I would like to warn people now that if they are bothered by that sort of thing then read this book with caution!

Quote: " Come now,weary traveler, I'll lead you through the waves. worry not, poor voyager, for my voice is the way"

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