Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What Do You Want To Do Before You Die by The Buried Life BOOK REVIEW!


Title: What Do You Want To Do Before You Die

Author: Jonnie Penn, Duncan Penn, Dave Lingwood, and Ben Nemtin

Publisher: Artisan

This book is based off the MTV show The Buried Life...
Four college students from Canada wanted to accomplish all the things on their bucket list which has 100 things the four guys wished to do before they died. They created a company called The Buried Life which was named after a poem written in 1852 by Matthew Arnold which is also called The Buried Life. The first thing that came from this was a documentary titled The Buried Life: What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? The documentary follows the four guys as they travel across North America to accomplish everything on their bucket list. The documentary did so well that the four were contacted by MTV and were asked if they would like to create a show which would allow people to follow them throughout their journey. They said yes of course and the pilot episode aired on January 18,2010 and was well received by the viewers. Even though the show did well on October 25,2011 they boys pulled the plug on the show.

This is their first book and consists of quotes,letters that contain life changing moments in people's lives ,and post cards from viewers that chose to share one thing they wished to do before they died.
Below are some of my favorite post cards along with my favorite quote from the book and the list that started it all.


Thoughts: I loved this book so much and I also loved the show. Because this is a coffee table type book it is a very quick read and worth every minute of your time. There are things in this book that will make you smile,laugh,and maybe even share a tear or two but one thing stands out more than the others and that is the fact that after reading this you will have a new look on life.

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  1. I saw a few episodes of the show, and the book looks good, I like that it has postcards, maps and illustrations.