Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ender's Game MOVIE REVIEW!!! WARNING!!!! spoiler alert!

Ok I was really excited to see this and now I wish I wouldn't have...

 I figured that they would have to cut some things out for the movie but I wasn't aware of the fact that they would fuck the whole thing up. They cut so much out of the movie that if you hadn't read the book you probably wouldn't have known what the hell was going on. These are some of the problems I had with the movie...

1. They characters were hard to like because there wasn't really any emotion and the acting was sort of monotone.

2. Valentine was only seen a couple of times in the movie and she never stayed longer than 5 minutes and Peter was only seen once for a short time. The whole Newsnet drama that Peter and Valentine were a part of in the book that played a major part in the story was cut out of the movie completely.

3. You didn't really get to see the mental abuse that was put on the children of the battle school and you barely saw any of the stress that was put on them as well. Also the corruption in the battle school with the battle room games that were being rigged was cut out of the movie as well.

4. Ender's isolation was only shown a couple of times when in the book he was isolated for most of the story.

5. The mind game which played a HUGE part in the book was only seen twice in the movie and once again it was only for a short period of time and it wasn't really explained so if you didn't read the book you wouldn't know that things were appearing because he was thinking them.

6. Important people that were met in battle school where all swapped around and one of the platoons was cut completely out. Also the movie put Bean in the same launch group as Ender when in the book he didn't show up until later. Rat platoon was cut completely and because Dink who was in Rat is an important part of the story and couldn't be cut they placed him in Salamander.

7. In the book Ender gets in many fights and as a result Stilson (the bully from school) and Bonzo (bully from battle school) end up dieing. Granted you did get to see Ender beat them up but the fact that he actually killed them was cut from the movie. 

8. There was little light shown on the fact that Ender struggled with himself inside over the fact that he was to violent and it was only ever mentioned one time during the movie. The fact that he had nightmares about the buggers was also cut from the movie.

9. During battle school Ender becomes so good at the battle game that holds his own training sessions in which other kids in the school were welcome to join and in the book you were able to witness their developing of skill in the game. That was cut from the movie in fact you didn't really get to see just how crafty Ender was in battle strategy.

10. After the final battle Ender falls into a deep sleep under the stress of killing the buggers and hundreds of soldiers and in the time that he is asleep war breaks out on Earth to the point that Ender will not be allowed to ever return. That was cut from the movie and so was the fact that Ender becomes governor of his own colony and Valentine come from Earth to join him in governing that was all cut from the movie.

11. In the book there was a complete lack of protection for the students at the battle school and it was mostly just Ender who was a victim because of this. That leads to the court martial of Colonial Graff because of the death of Bonzo which you never saw because it was cut from the movie.

12. There was no sense of time in the movie. The jumbled up scenes made it seem as though everything happened all within a month when it fact it was years. You really got to see that during the lake scene when Ender goes on strike at the battle school and is sent to a home next to the lake to rest. In the movie it seemed like Ender was there for just a day when it fact it was like 3 months before he went back to space for the final battle.

13. In the book a few years after the final battle Ender writes a book called Speaker Of The Dead  that was never shown or mentioned in the movie.


Thoughts: Everything aside the movie was visually appealing and there were SOME good moments in the movie (Bean being a smartass). Also I do love some of the actors that were used in the movie BUT unless you have never read the book I would say save your money and wait until it comes out on DVD.

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