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Tidal by Amanda Hocking BOOK REIVEW!!!

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Title: Tidal

Author: Amanda Hocking

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin New York

The first chapter starts with Gemma being on a date with a new guy. His name is Kirby and though he is a nice guy Gemma doesn't feel close to him like she did with Alex. She picked him out for that reason because if she doesn't feel drawn to him sexually then she doesn't have to worry about losing control to the bird side of her curse. To bad Kirby isn't as withdrawn with the relationship as Gemma.

Penn, Lexi,and Thea are trying to make the most of the small town of Capri Penn has her eye on Daniel and agrees to hang around the town for Gemma at least for a little while until she finds a replacement. During this time Penn turns her attention mostly to Daniel who is immune to Penn's song. Since there has only ever been one other man who was immune to Penn's song Penn wants to find out if there is any relation between Daniel and the only guy Penn has ever loved.

Harper is worried, it is getting closer to the start of her first year of college and that means Harper will have to leave behind her father, Gemma, and her boy friend Daniel. Though college is only an hour away there will be no way that Harper can prevent Gemma from getting into danger. Harper has to break the curse that is on Gemma or she will never be able to have a normal life.
Gemma and Harper with the help of Harper's friend Marcy learn from an eccentric book store owner that for any curse there must be a paper or scroll with details about the curse. If you can destroy the scroll you can destroy the curse. There is only one thing though, the destruction of the scroll could mean the death of Penn, Lexi, and Thea. Even though Gemma and Harper don't mind Thea her death is a risk that they are willing to make. Now the search is on to find the scroll before Penn knows they are even looking for it.

Daniel is doing great he has a home now on his own island and an awesome girl friend (Harper).
Life is good for Daniel...that is if you look past the fact that Penn is stalking him now. No matter where he goes Penn is either there or shows up just to flirt with him. Even though he hates Penn he must stay on her good side or it cold mean the death of Gemma. That simple tolerance seems to work for a short time until Penn starts to want more. Penn strikes a deal with Daniel, sleep with her once or she will kill Harper and Gemma. One night with Penn will mean protection for the ones he loves. Daniel knows it would break Harper's heart but it has become necessary in order to keep her and her sister alive.

Alex has changed, he has become a walking shell of a person and he doesn't know why. He knows he used to care for Gemma but now he can't even stand the sound of her name. Why can't he remember their break up? Alex becomes plagued by thoughts of Gemma and he doesn't know why. Why does he feel this way? Why can't he remember? Those are the questions that constantly play in Alex's mind as he slowly starts to slip into madness.


Thoughts: I love how Amanda Hocking picks the story right up from the last book. I also love where the story is going and am so far happy with the series!

Quotes:  "There's so much magic in the world, so much more than I'd ever believed there could be.
                 We've only just seen the tip of it."
                "Life would be so much simpler if it worked out like a cartoon."

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