Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Birthday 2 Me With A Twisted Ankle!

I am now 27! To celebrate my birthday I thought I would give myself a gift...something that wouldn't be forgotten for a a twisted ankle. That's right I being the clutsy self tried to walk on a foot that had fallen to sleep from me sitting on it. About three steps into the walk my foot decided he hated me and I rolled my ankle which then made a loud popping noise making me fall to the floor while doing my best Peter Griffin impression from Family Guy.
 One of my cats had the joy of witnessing the whole thing and probably laughing to himself before coming over to put his paw on my knee.
Aside from falling on my ass my birthday was good I had a small cake and we went to see the 2nd part of The Hobbit which ending up being a lot better than the first installment. We also had frozen pizza for dinner which was yummy! I got lots of birthday wishes on Facebook from friends and  I still enjoyed my day sprained ankle and all ( I bet I will be hobbling around even worse later on today because it has already started to swell).

What has been going on so recently is something that only people that are close to me would know but I thought I would share it with you guys today. It came to my attention recently that Sheldon's friends decided to make a D&D group and starting every Tuesday the group would get together and play. Well Sheldon made me think that I was welcome to the group because the more people there are the funner the game right? Well I have always had a feeling that his friends don't like hanging out with me as much as Sheldon claimed but I figured it was just me being negative and I should give it a chance because I actually did want to play D&D. So on the Tuesday that was going to be the start of the group I spent all day making a Druid character and even made some dice bags out of yarn ( I have a bit of crochet skills). I also had been looking into getting my own dice and put a notebook together for Sheldon and my character complete with sheet protectors so they wouldn't get messed up. It was almost time for us to leave to go to the group when Sheldon texted the head of the group to let him know that "We" would be on our way. The head texted back "who is we?" and Sheldon said "Callie and I". That is when the head texted back "I don't mean to be rude or anything but I wanted it to just be the guys". Even though I tried to hold it together I just crumpled as my negative feelings came true. I had been holding together so well through the holidays even with the drama with my father but when Sheldon got that text message it ruined everything and caused all my depression over the crap that had happened hit me all at once. I have been more depressed lately as a result of the D&D bullshit and I am pretty sure the weather is also a bit of a reason since I can't really go outside and walk because it is WAY to cold for that. I can see myself slowly becoming a very sad and lonely hermit person and I hope Sheldon comes through with making our own D&D group that anyone can join because I need it.
To keep from being bored I have taken up cleaning and rearranging things. I got tired of not having space on my book shelves and Sheldon also needed room for his books so I went on a bookshelf rampage and moved things around and now books are neatly place in spots instead of just stacked everywhere like they were before. I didn't stop there either I also cleaned out two drawers in the file cabinet that we have and I also cleaned the desk really good so now the clutter is knocked down majorly! I give the desk a week at the most before it is all dusty and messy again, the dust,dishes,and laundry is a never ending battle.

Below are some pictures of the bookshelves and other places in which books are placed.

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  1. Wow! You have a great collection of books there! I have to say that having a sprained ankle on your birthday is a pretty memorable present. All of days, right? Oh well, it had been a long time ago and I’m sure you're all better now. I do hope you don’t get into one of those accidents again. Take care always! :D

    Tanisha Muench @ US Healthworks

    1. My ankle is indeed better now :) and my bookshelves are getting fuller by the day.