Friday, January 17, 2014

Mary Jane by Judith O'Brien BOOK REVIEW!!!

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Title: Mary Jane

Author: Judith O'Brien

Published: Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.

We know almost everything there is to know about Spiderman but we hardly know anything about the woman he loves... This book is about Mary Jane and is told from her point of view. Mary Jane or MJ as she is known by her friends is a very complex character and in the prologue alone you get a good taste of the family drama that makes MJ the woman she grows up to be.

The book starts off when MJ was nine and lets you take a look at her mother and father before they split up. Though MJ was only 9 she was well aware of the fighting and her father's drinking. In fact MJ is quite good at faking happiness when she is in public or at school so no one knows about her home life. MJ lost herself in her dance classes and school work. she doesn't even mind when she gets paired up with Peter Parker for her science fair project. MJ likes Peter and even though he isn't popular and at the time was only known for being a nerd MJ has always found she had a closer bond with Peter than she did with her other friends. MJ and Peter end up making a robot for their project and it probably would have won the science fair if MJ's dad wouldn't have shown up drunk and broke their display and project. That was the moment when everyone including Peter got to witness what MJ's home life is like.
Fast fording to now. MJ's parents have split up. Her mother loses the house in the split and MJ loses her nice dance school and private school. MJ has to transfer to a public school after her and her mother move into a tiny apartment and begin a new life in poverty. The only thing good about the new public school is the fact that she knows Peter also goes to the same public school. You see Peter's Uncle Ben and Aunt May moved into Peter's parent's house after their death to take care of Peter. Because of that Peter was put in Public school long ago and has pretty much accepted it and is taking it a lot better than MJ. The two ended up finding each other and even they even get paired up to work on another project for science class. To get some ideas for the science projects the teacher decides to take the class on a field trip to Oz corp. The class doesn't stay long thought because Peter ends up getting bit by a rare breed of spider that was being tested at the lab.
It seems like just a normal spider bite so no one thinks anything of it until the next few days when Peter seems to be different and strange things surrounding Peter begin to happen. There is also a vigilante super hero by the name of Spiderman running around town fighting crime. MJ even gets lucky enough to be rescued by him and now she can't get the fact that he looks like someone she knows out of her head.


Thoughts: I loved every bit of this book! It was very well written and could be read quickly and gives you a closer look at one of Marvel's most popular female character.

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