Saturday, January 18, 2014

Randomly Random Blog and WTF A Dead Guy!

A new D&D group has been formed! I was informed today that I am able to join the new D&D group! I also have my own dice on the way that Sheldon got for me! Time for a happy dance!

My ankle is getting better it isn't as sore as it was there is still some swelling though but nothing major. Sheldon was like "more people are asking about your ankle than they did when I broke my toe." Like I knew that people were going to care about a sprained ankle I didn't post the picture on Facebook for attention I just wanted to show everyone the swelling in my foot because it looked like a mutant foot it was so big. Normally I slip under the radar as far as people noticing anything about me so I was shocked myself at all the ankle feed back. 
I have just been sitting around most of the day looking at books and author's online. I keep looking at the new Harry Potter box set because I want one so badly but I don't have the cash for it right now so I will have to wait. I love the new covers for all the books in the series though, shockingly enough I think they are better than the original covers. I have this thought that eventually might come to play, I am thinking about reading at least one book from every popular author that is in a genre I like. Almost all genres are good except crime and mystery which I am not to keen on. I have been thinking about this for a while because there are so many people that I haven't actually read a book from that almost everyone else has like Ernest Hemingway. I wanted to read a book by him in high school but one of my teachers made it seem like it was a crime to even consider it because he was a that matters. If I didn't read books based off of when the author did during their life then there are a lot of books I wouldn't have read. lets just name a few people that had/have troubled lives. 
Edger Allan Poe - Drunk
Ernest Hemingway - Drunk
Sylvia Plath - Committed suicide
F Scott Fitzgerald  - Drunk 
Nathaniel Hawthorne - Grandfather was one of the judges responsible for killing falsely accused people during the Salem witch trials. 
Stephen King - Admitted to using Drugs 
William Faulkner - Drank while writing 
Virginia Woolf - Committed suicide
The list can go on and on with famous people who have done some things that most would frown upon. So I figured eventually I will start to do what I have always wanted to do. 
Now before I go I would like to tell you something I read in the news today from my area. A missing man's body was found in a car outside of the Mcdonlads I used to work at. He was found in a parked car and though they don't know for sure how long he had been there I expect it was a while since people are so observant these days. 

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