Friday, February 28, 2014

Skeletor Reviews Darkside Sun by Jocelyn Adams BOOK REVIEW!!!

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Title: Darkside Sun

Author: Jocelyn Adams

Published: Entangled Embrace

I want to thank Dorky Girl for letting me review this book for her, and secondly to the publisher for sending this book for review. When I was asked if I wanted to read this book for review I had no idea what the book was about, but since I needed a book to read at work in between slow times I was like what the heck lets give it a shot. I have to say the basic idea of the story was intriguing but the over all actual execution fell flat for me.
Addison has been different all her life, the walls around her melt away and she thinks she is completely insane because of it. All she ever wanted was to graduate college live a normal life, graduate college and make her father proud. All that changes when her ridiculously over hot young professor givers her a "bible" and forces her to read it. Addison life is thrust into a world she never knew existed. Addison is thrust into the world of the machine where soldiers armed with special powers fight wraiths (souls) from entering human hosts and starting the end of the world. Addison is unique, even to the most powerful of the soldiers, Addison can not only feel the wraiths presence, she can see them too. Addison has to come to terms with her role in the Machine and she has to learn to deal with her feelings for her professor who is not only part of the machine, but is also extremely off limits.


ThoughtsI enjoyed having something to read to fill the time and Darkside Sun was an easy breezy light read, but it was just to mediocre for me. The story idea behind the book was intriguing ,but I just felt that the author missed the mark. It was a little to literal in the religious overtones and the "romantic" part of the story was half assed and just plan cheese ball, and the supernatural part of the story that was the most appealing to me was more of a place holder idea so the twilight like romance could take place. It is completely unrealistic to think that as a person you would be helpless to these "urges" come over you and no matter how badly you were treated by a person your emotions would only get stronger because of "bond" that you couldn't fight. I just felt this book was a throw away, it never developed and ended on such a predictable cliff hanger that the over all feel was just eh. I found myself looking forward to the book ending because I never connected with the story and the characters and just wanted the book to end.

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