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Ghost Series! Spirit Possession PART 2

Exorcism in the Bible
In the New Testament of the Christian Bible a tale of one of the most well known demon exorcisms takes place. This exorcism is known as the Legion Exorcism and it involves an encounter between the Christian messiah, Jesus Christ, and a demon possessed man in the country of the Gergesnes people. This encounter can be found in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. The accounts in Mark and Luke are nearly identical, the one in Matthew is some what different...
The story says that when Jesus arrived on the Gergesenes coast, a man possessed by demons approached him. The man had abandoned his human dwelling and now lived among the dead. The people of the city tried many times to subdue him with metal shackles and chains. Being possessed by the demons like the man was gave him inhuman strength which he used to break free from the chains and shackles. Upon seeing Jesus and knowing his nature the demons became fearful and panicked which led them begging for mercy.
The demons spoke through the man, kneeling before Jesus and begging him not to expel them from the land. Jesus demanded them to reveal their names. The demons replied "My name is Legion, for we are many."
Jesus now knowing the name of the demon/demons demanded that Legion leave the man. Legion begged that it be allowed to enter into the bodies of a nearby herd of pigs. Jesus granted the wish casting the demons into the pigs, all of whom immediately ran into the ocean and downed. The possessed man was fine afterwards and returned to the city. Jesus however became feared by the towns people after all of this and was asked to leave the city.
From that account we now know that a demon exists outside the normally accepted rules of physical space, this means that demons can be both one or multiple demons occupying a space or host at the same time. A demon entity must also be identified by name before it can be successfully engaged and expelled. Also demons cannot be destroyed only expelled, some people believe that it is because demons and fallen angels were granted domain over the physical realm until God's final judgment of the Earth.

Today we now know more about mental illness an neurological disorders like epilepsy which would make a person appear to be possessed by demons when in fact they are just ill. This brings us to our first case of exorcism.
The mistaken exorcism of Anneliese Michel
Anneliese was a teenager from Germany who in the 1970's started to have frequent episodes of extreme thrashing which lead her parents to take her to the doctors. Doctors tested Anneliese then diagnosed her with mal epilepsy which causes spastic seizures and can cause damage to the brain. Anneliese was then given a psychiatric evaluation, during that test it was learned that she also suffered from several mental ailments. The mental ailments would make Anneliese exhibit psychotic even violent behavior.
Anneliese's extremely religious parents however chose the conclusion that she was possessed and contacted a church to conduct an exorcist. Upon showing up the church found no evidence that would suggest that Anneliese was possessed. The church would have expected to see levitation, abnormal strength, and precognition among other things. After the visit the church refused to conduct an exorcism and even told her parents that what she was suffering from wasn't spiritual. Anneliese's parents refused to listen to the church's advice to get psychological treatment and continued to seek out a church for an exorcism. Through years of begging in 1975 they family finally found a group of priests to perform and unauthorized exorcism on Anneliese. The exorcism done on Anneliese by these priests only made things worse. Eventually Anneliese began to believe her parents in the fact that she was possessed even though the exorcisms were not helping.
Eventually after so long having exorcizing rites performed multiple times a day, several days a week for an unknown amount of weeks Anneliese's health began to decline. Her mental state also started to decline as she became obsessed with ridding herself of demons. Anneliese began to perform 600 genuflections a day until her fluid sacs in her knees ruptured which is excruciatingly painful. Eventually the exorcisms came to an end on July 1, 1976 when Anneliese died of starvation after being deprived of food as part of the exorcism rites. The priests and her parents were found guilty of the charges of negligent homicide.

The real exorcism case of Roland Doe
This case of demonic possession went on to become a book titled The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty and then a movie with the same title.
Roland Doe (not the boy's real name) was a boy born into a German Lutheran family and was the only child of the house in the 1940's so he depended on adults in his house to be playmates, his favorite relative to play with was his aunt Harriet. Aunt Harriet was a spiritualist and introduced Roland to the Ouija board after he showed interest in it. When Roland was 13 his aunt died and it is thought that maybe Roland tried to contact his aunt using the board but there is no prof of that being true.
Supernatural activity began to happen shortly after Roland's aunt died with squeaky and marching feet sounds as well as other strange noises. Then furniture began to move on it's own as well as other objects. The family realized that they needed a priest after a bottle of holy water that was set next to Roland moved across the table before falling and smashing on the floor. The family turned to their Lutheran pastor Rev. Luther Miles Schulze for help. First Roland was examined by medical and psychiatric doctors who had no explanation for the family as to why these strange things were happening. So the pastor decided to spend a night with Roland in his home on February 17th to observe him. Roland was sleeping in a twin bed next to the pastor who was awake at the time of and reported hearing vibrating sounds that seemed to be coming from the bed as well as scratching sounds inside the walls. During the rest of the night the pastor also witnessed a heavy armchair tip over on it's own as well as blankets moving around the room hitting people in the face all while the boy slept. The pastor concluded that an exorcism must be done on Roland. One exorcism was done but to no use as things continued to happen, so Roland was referred to Rev. Eward Hughes who had Roland place in the Jesuit unit at the Georgtown University Hospital. Rev. Eward conducted his exorcism on Roland at the hospital. During this exorcism Roland wounded Rev. Eward badly enough for him to get stitches so they sent Roland home to stay with his family. The boys family became even more distressed though when strange wounds began to appear on Roland's body. The family then took a train to St. Louis, while they were in the city Roland's cousin contacted one of his professors at St.Louis University. After getting a hold of Rev. Raymond Bishop who in turn got a hold of Rev. William S. Bowdern another visit from priests awaited the boy. The pastors noticed during their visit that the boy's aversion to anything sacred and began shaking the bed while objects began to fly around the room and Roland also began speaking in a guttural voice. Rev. Bowdern asked permission to do an exorcism on Roland and was granted permission by the church.
As the exorcism was being performed the words "hell" and "evil" began to appear on the skin of the boy. Roland also broke one of the priest's nose during the exorcism. Thirty exorcisms through out several week were performed before the final exorcism. When the final exorcism was complete loud noises began going off through out the hospital that Roland was staying at.
When exorcism was over the family were no longer troubled by supernatural activity and eventually moved back to their home. Roland went on to become a successful man with a family and claims to have no memory of the possession.

So now the question is....
Do you believe in spirit possession or is it all just a hoax?

Below is a video which has some pictures and audio from the exorcisms of Anneliese Michel.

 Below is a documentary about possession

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Ghost Series! Spirit Possession PART 1

Possession or spirit possession is a term used to describe an event in which animas, demons, extraterrestrials, Gods, or spirits take control of a human body.
Many religions believe it is possible for a human to become possessed. Just to name a few...
Christianity, Wicca, Buddhism, and African traditions all believe that in one form or another a person can become possessed. In some cultures possession can be and is voluntary while in others it is involuntary. Some religions believe that being possessed is beneficial but the belief that one is possessed is more common among women than men.

Buddhism: Indian medical literature and Tantric Buddhist scriptures, most of the so called "seizers", or those that threaten the lives of young children, appear in these animal forms: cow, lion, fox, monkey, horse, dog, pig, cat, crow, pheasant, owl, and snake. It is believed that the impersonation or incarnation of these animals can be highly beneficial to the person.

South Africa: A belief in spirit possession appears among the xesibe, a Xhosa speaking people from Transkei, South Africa. The majority of the supposedly possessed are married women. The Condition of spirit possession among them is called inwatso. Those who develop the condition of inwatso are regarded as having a special calling to divine the future. They are first tread with sympathy, and then with respect as they allegedly develop their abilities to foretell the future.

The Zar cult in Sudan conducts ethnomedical healing ceremonies involving possession, typically of Muslim women by a Zar spirit.

Christianity is a bit different, the Roman Catholic doctrine states that angels are non-corporeal spiritual beings, Angels are believed to have their own intelligence and will in which they operate. Fallen angels or demons however are able to "demonically possess" individuals without the victim's knowledge or consent. A demonic possession has been known to cause a person to have great strength and even speak in languages that the person wouldn't normally know.

Currently in psychology spirit possession is not recognized as a psychiatric or medical diagnosis by the DSM-IV or the ICD-IO . People alleged to be possessed by spirits sometimes exhibit symptoms similar to those associated with mental illness such as psychosis, hysteria, mania, tourette's syndrome, epilepsy, schizophrenia, or dissociative identity disorder. In 29% of people who suffer from identity disorder, suffers have claimed to be possessed by demons.

Demon Possession
There are two primary forms of demonic presence.
1. Area possession
2. Personal possession
Area possession is less dangerous but is troublesome and often is a case of one or more demons occupying a physical space like a home. While there the demons usually take pride in tormenting the people living in the space. The tormenting is important to them because it can weaken people mentally and spiritually which in turn can possibly open the person's body to personal possession.
In some cases demons have been known to do area possession in places due to a past event or preexisting binding. Area possession can also occur in places where people once or continue to engage in negative or violent activities.
Personal possession occurs when a demon or demons possess the body of a person. This type of possession usually occurs in three stages.
1. Demonization
2. Personal possession
3. Perfect possession
Demonization is the first stage in which the demon or demons succeeds in possessing a body of a person. During this first stage a person will begin to show signs of possession like becoming unreasonably irritable or display unexplained or irrational aversion to anything having to do with faith or religion.
Personal possession is stage two and is the stage in which the person possessed becomes less and less themselves and the demon begins to demonstrate an influence over the person's speech or behavior. Some examples of this is speaking in languages that are otherwise unknown to the person. The person may also know details of an event or events that the person didn't witness or have no previous knowledge about. Even in the second stage a person still has a bit of resistance towards the demon and can assist in his or her exorcism.
The third and most serious stage is perfect possession. This is the stage where little to no original personality of the person remains. Usually at this point the person will appear and behave as though they have accepted the evil spirit within them. The person might also have developed a spiritual attachment to the demon, if that is happening then the person might fear the demon's expulsion from their body. Perfect possession is considered the most dangerous and an exorcism can not be attempted without detailed planning. An exorcism for a perfect possession can be fatal or the possessed and the exorcist.

PLEASE NOTE!!! An exorcism should never be attempted by anyone who isn't properly trained. Even a well trained and experience exorcist can get long-term side effects from an exorcism. The exorcist may experience permanent physical, psychological, or spiritual damage. Once the exorcist has engaged a demon the exorcism can not be stopped until the demon or demons are successfully expelled. Engaging a demon especially if you call it by name should be done at one's own risk!

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The Beast by Lindsay Mead COVER REVEAL!

Demon possession has swept through Glace's kingdom, turning humans into Hellhounds. These great, fanged wolves are wild, desperate, and hungry. Only the sworn Hunters have kept them back for five long, bloody years...
 At the young age of fifteen, Belle Leclair became a hunter. She no longer remembers how many hounds she's killed, or how many friends she has buried. Still Belle leads the hunt till a tragedy forces her deep into the dark kingdom. Her heart will be turned, her loyalty tested - and fate will intervene.

Amid a backdrop of steampunk inventions and harsh winter landscape, The Beast is a re-imagining of the infamous love between a beauty and a beast.

Coming out soon....

Author Bio: Lindsay Mead lives in her home state, Michigan, with a small demon-dog named Suzie Q. She has obsessively made videos for YouTube since 2007 and can't seem to stop. The Beast is her debut in the world of writing. 

For more information about the author Lindsay Mead feel free to visit her blog, twitter, and YouTube

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Skeletor Reviews!!! Don't Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski + GIVEAWAY

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Title: Don't Even Think About It

Author: Sarah Mlynowski 

Published: Delacorte Press

I was very excited to be asked to be Part of the Don't Even Think About It blog tour, the book sounded like a hybrid mix of The Breakfast club meets x-men. I think over all the book was fun and interesting at times but something about it was missing that spark of life that I needed to love it.
Collectively they are the WE a group of teens given ESP by a faulty batch of flu shots. Think life is hard when you have to deal with normal teen issues? Try dealing with the normal issues and add everyone else's thoughts too the mix, insane right? Nothing is private, your deepest darkest secret will be reveled if you think about it, you will never be alone in your head again. What's worse is the group isn't even sure if the ESP is safe, given that it cause eye color change and massive head aches, but its worth it to know what everyone is thinking...right?
So I was asked what I would like about have ESP like the characters of the story, and after thinking long and hard about all the things you could gain from having it, I also had to weigh in all that you could loose from it as well. I don't think I would like having ESP, I can barely manage my own thoughts in my head let alone the thoughts of my co-workers, friends and loved ones. So I would ask for the vaccine to not have ESP and live a normal boring life and avoid the craziness that would ensue from knowing everyone's thoughts about me.


Thoughts: So this book was mindless fun...for awhile. I like how it was told as a collective WE instead of one individual persons perspective. It helped add a much needed level to the story. The idea behind a group of teens getting ESP and knowing what everyone was thinking was great, but at times it just fell flat. It was pretty predictable and never hit the mark I thought it was going to, but all that being said it was a fun pointless read. I think as readers we need that once and awhile a book that is funny and pointless just to get us out of the repetitiveness that books can bring.

Win a hardcover copy of the book!

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The Distance Between Us by Kasie West BOOK REVIEW!!!

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Title: The Distance Between Us

Author: Kasie West

Published: Harper Teen

Dolls, A future for Caymen looks very....porcelain.
Caymen is on her last year of high school and because of her mother's doll store she not only has no social life but she also doesn't really plan on going to college until a after she graduates. Even if she did go to college what would she study? Caymen know her mother wants her to take over the store but Caymen wants something more. Even though the doll store is her mother's dream it doesn't nothing but suck money from their already low income. Just keeping the bill collectors at bay is quickly becoming harder and harder to the point where Caymen wonders how long before they are actually homeless.
Xander Spence has it all, a large house,cars,designer clothing, both parents and grandparents that love him...Xander has a future...
Xander came to the doll store to pick up a gift for his cousin. A simple in and out job really, walk in get the doll and leave. He wasn't expecting to see a beautiful girl working the counter. Caymen is not only good looking but she has a great sense of humor that she isn't afraid of showing people with her witty sarcastic remarks. By the end of the errand that was only supposed to take a few minutes Xander can't get Caymen Meyers out of his head.
Caymen likes Xander more than she would like to admit but there is one thing that poses a problem, Xander is rich. If Caymen knows anything is that her mother hates rich people. Ever since her father left her mom to fend for herself while she was pregnant with Caymen she has hated the rich. Caymen's father's family was rich and even gave her mother hush money which was then used to start the doll store but surely all wealthy people can't be like that right? How is Caymen going to tell her mother that she is slowly falling for the guy she met in the doll store.

With so many obstacles standing in their way, can she close the distance between them?


Thoughts: I was a bit thrown off by the beginning of this book and I almost stopped reading it but I told myself that it couldn't be that bad so I continued to read and yes it got better! I almost stopped reading because in the beginning Caymen and her mother seemed EXTREMELY judgmental which upset me a bit and almost turned me away from the book. I was glad that I continued to read it though because slowly the judgmentalness became almost unnoticeable with the help from Caymen's sarcastic remarks which were so funny. In the end I liked how things played out and I kind of wish that there was more to the story because there were a lot of things left unsaid.

Quote: "Make this all a dream that I can wake up from tomorrow."

Songs That Remind Me Of The Book

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Skeletor Reviews! White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Title: White Hot Kiss

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Published: Harlequin Teen

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After reading Bitter Sweet Love by Jennifer Armentrout I was very intrigued by the world she was building with the Wardens and the Demons. I mean who wouldn't want to read a YA paranormal series about Gargoyles defending the world from demons. Picking up White Hot Kiss I was really hoping that we would get less of the fluffy romance we say in the novella and more of the world building and action of the Wardens that I was hoping the series would build the world on and I have to say the author certainly delivered.

Layla is the only anomaly in Wardens world, she is half demon and half warden. Being a 17 year old mix breed is hard enough with out finding out that you may be the daughter of the mother of all evil. Laylas world is turned upside down when she meets Roth, an upper level demon who totally rocks her world view on what demons are really like. Layla has the hots for her warden friend Zayne and now she has a building attraction to Roth and with the apocalypse looming in the background that will ultimately start because of her, life couldn't possibly get more complicated could it?


Thoughts: I have to start by saying this was the story idea I thought I would be getting when I read the novella and was kind of put off because it was too romantically fluffy. I devoured this book up, It was exactly what I was looking forward to reading. It was refreshing to have a out of the norm species for current YA trends, I loved the Gargoyle Demon aspect. It was fresh and action pact, I am extremely excited for the next book. Jennifer Armentrout found just the right mix of mythology, action and romance.

Skeletor Reviews! Bitter Sweet Love by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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Title: Bitter Sweet Love

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Published: Harlequin Teen

I am always on the look out for a interesting new premise that will steer away from the typical vampire, wereanimal, and zombie genre that is currently taking over YA and adult fiction alike. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across Jennifer Armentrout's new series The Dark Elements and finding out that the world and main characters were all about Gargoyle mythology. So naturally I downloaded the free novella to my kindle to give this new world a try.
Jasmine has all but given up on ever seeing Dez again, ever since he up and left three years ago when her father announced that they were to be mated. With so few female wardens, aka gargoyles, a unmated female like Jas was a assist to the dwindling numbers. When Dez reenters Jas's world, she doesn't know what to think or feel, especially when Dez declares his intent to honor her fathers request and become her mate. Jas has seven days to make her decision and Daz is going to to everything in his power to make her see his feeling are genuine and he never meant to leave and hurt her.


Thoughts: Bitter Sweet Love is a prequel novella, but unlike most prequels it gives you a view of the world not from the main characters of the new series but of minor characters to give you a taste of what the world will be like. I love the world building, seeing gargoyles modernized and fighting to save the world from demons is awesome. My only dislike would be that the story is really heavy in the romance and not enough on the world building, but I think that is primarily because this is the novella prequel. I hope the first book ( which is next on my TBR ) is not as heavy handed with the romance and has more of the wardens and the world in which they encompass. Overall I am really looking forward to this series and reading about something so intriguingly different.

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Til Death by Kate Evangelista BOOK REVIEW!!!!

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Title: Til Death

Author: Kate Evangelista

Published: Entangled Publishing

He couldn't follow orders, this one time when he was trusted to protect someone and he failed... he failed her.
Dillan failed a mission so as punishment he was demoted from Illumenari Arbiter to almost human. He is also been forced to move to Wyoming to live with his uncle Rainer who Dillan detests. The Illumenari council couldn't just punish him nooo that would be to easy, instead they take most of his powers from ,make him move in with Rainer and worst of all....he must attend high school with other humans. Though his future looks bleak at the moment things in this small town in Wyoming aren't what they seem to be.
Selena has had a rough life since her parents died. On top of all of that she also has "visions". The visions come as dreams and they always come true.  No one knows about the visions except her grandparents and her two best friends Penny and Kyle and they keep her secret or so she thought. So far things have been some what normal besides the visions and Selena's first day of junior year doesn't seem any different aside from the fact that she is newly single and trying to avoid her ex-boyfriend. Junior year of high school is about to get a lot more exciting when a handsome new guy walks through the doors leaving the hallways of the school a buzz with gossip. Dillan quickly rises in popularity due to the fact that his parents are two of the most famous National Geographic scientist and he is also related to the hot history teacher Rainer Sloan.
Imagine Selena's surprise when Dillan walked into her history class. She was even more surprised when he took the seat next to her. Things start to get even more odd when Selena and Dillan introduce themselves only to be statically shocked by the simple gesture.  Dillan's eyes widen as he begins to wonder what Selena is because no human can sent that much energy through a simple touch. Now Dillan can't get Selena Fallon out of his head and a now he gets a tugging sensation whenever Selena isn't around almost like a rope ties him to her and the shocks on contact continue. Soon Selena's normal life begins to unravel around her when dogs begin to vanish. Then corpses begin to rise from the ground to go after Selena. It takes everything Dillan has to keep the girl he can't get out of his head safe without spilling all his secrets.


Thoughts: I liked the love story in this book and the characters. I also loved the mythological creatures that were added to the story. I would recommend this book for people who love YA complete with love story, action, and mythological creatures.  My dislikes for this book which explains the rating is that I felt there wasn't enough information about the Illumenari to the point where I have no clue what they are. I know they aren't human but are they angels,mythological beings or what? I also thought that the book was a bit slower than I would have liked it to be which left me wondering what was going on until about halfway through. I still liked the book though and I will read the next one!

Quote: " Accept the supernaturals were a part of the world. Accept that there were things they couldn't explain. Embrace the unknown."

Songs That Remind Me Of The Story:    When you read the book you will know why I picked Taylor :)