Sunday, March 2, 2014

Til Death by Kate Evangelista BOOK REVIEW!!!!

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Title: Til Death

Author: Kate Evangelista

Published: Entangled Publishing

He couldn't follow orders, this one time when he was trusted to protect someone and he failed... he failed her.
Dillan failed a mission so as punishment he was demoted from Illumenari Arbiter to almost human. He is also been forced to move to Wyoming to live with his uncle Rainer who Dillan detests. The Illumenari council couldn't just punish him nooo that would be to easy, instead they take most of his powers from ,make him move in with Rainer and worst of all....he must attend high school with other humans. Though his future looks bleak at the moment things in this small town in Wyoming aren't what they seem to be.
Selena has had a rough life since her parents died. On top of all of that she also has "visions". The visions come as dreams and they always come true.  No one knows about the visions except her grandparents and her two best friends Penny and Kyle and they keep her secret or so she thought. So far things have been some what normal besides the visions and Selena's first day of junior year doesn't seem any different aside from the fact that she is newly single and trying to avoid her ex-boyfriend. Junior year of high school is about to get a lot more exciting when a handsome new guy walks through the doors leaving the hallways of the school a buzz with gossip. Dillan quickly rises in popularity due to the fact that his parents are two of the most famous National Geographic scientist and he is also related to the hot history teacher Rainer Sloan.
Imagine Selena's surprise when Dillan walked into her history class. She was even more surprised when he took the seat next to her. Things start to get even more odd when Selena and Dillan introduce themselves only to be statically shocked by the simple gesture.  Dillan's eyes widen as he begins to wonder what Selena is because no human can sent that much energy through a simple touch. Now Dillan can't get Selena Fallon out of his head and a now he gets a tugging sensation whenever Selena isn't around almost like a rope ties him to her and the shocks on contact continue. Soon Selena's normal life begins to unravel around her when dogs begin to vanish. Then corpses begin to rise from the ground to go after Selena. It takes everything Dillan has to keep the girl he can't get out of his head safe without spilling all his secrets.


Thoughts: I liked the love story in this book and the characters. I also loved the mythological creatures that were added to the story. I would recommend this book for people who love YA complete with love story, action, and mythological creatures.  My dislikes for this book which explains the rating is that I felt there wasn't enough information about the Illumenari to the point where I have no clue what they are. I know they aren't human but are they angels,mythological beings or what? I also thought that the book was a bit slower than I would have liked it to be which left me wondering what was going on until about halfway through. I still liked the book though and I will read the next one!

Quote: " Accept the supernaturals were a part of the world. Accept that there were things they couldn't explain. Embrace the unknown."

Songs That Remind Me Of The Story:    When you read the book you will know why I picked Taylor :)


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