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#16thingsithoughtweretrue by Janet Gurtler BOOK REVIEW + GIVEAWAY!!!

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Title: #16thingsIthoughtweretrue

Author: Janet Gurtler

Published: Sourcebooks fire

Morgan hopes that this would be the summer that everyone forgets about the stupid video. She never thought that the joking around dancing in nothing but underwear would never go viral online, or the fact that her once best friend would stab her in the back by showing the video to everyone. After the video went viral online Morgan's now ex-best friend stop talking to her. Morgan doesn't mind though because she prefers her twitter friends over the real people any day and her twitter stats who it. Morgan is quite popular on twitter with her hashtags quickly becoming popular. The popularity on Twitter doesn't help with making real friends though but maybe just maybe this summer will change all that. Morgan has a bit of a trust issue and doesn't like to let people get close to her even though she secretly craves it. She also craves having a father and would give anything to have a normal family. She doesn't know much about her dad other than the fact that he left when her mother was pregnant with her. Why would he not want her? How could he just leave like that and no try to contact her or her mother in the 18 years of her life? That question among other things sit in the back of her mind all the time and there really isn't anything she can do about it...or can she do something about it? A chain of events happen to her family which leads her mother to break her silence about Morgan's father and she gives Morgan two clues:
1. A name
2. An address located in Canada
 Now all Morgan needs is a ride which leads to a annoyingly chatty girl who Morgan works with who volunteers to take her. Though the thought of the long hours in the car with this girl that Morgan doesn't really know much about seems bad enough her boss who is the same age as both of them also chooses to go to Canada. Though the chain of events in her family allowed her get a bit closer to her boss she doesn't understand why he would choose to ride in a car for many hours with two girls and what would his girl friend think about this idea? #awkwardroadtrip
Morgan quickly learns though that you shouldn't always believe what someone tells you as lies come to light and secrets are found.

Personal lives should always be kept personal #thingsithoughtweretrue


Thoughts: I loved this book to the very end. The characters were very loveable and easy to understand. The story line kept me on the edge of my seat and I would recommend this to people who love contemporary books with a mix of summer romance. What a lovely summer YA novel!

Quote: "If the world didn't suck we would all fall off it."

Song That fits the story:

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