Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What Is The Reason For Fat Shaming?

I have been wanting to talk about this issue for a while now but I have been holding my tongue......until today. I was on You Tube watching videos and I was watching Epic Fail videos mostly for people messing up stuff because that is kind of funny. I noticed this one video titled Hot vs. Not and a guy was hosting the video which shows pictures like a slide show, for some reason I clicked it. Most of the video was of over weight girls and the guy was laughing and talking about how they weren't hot. That made me mad, some girls are never going to be a size 2. There are girls and women that have a larger body frame, signs that girls have a larger body frame could be large or broad shoulders and wide hips. These women usually also have large breasts. Most of the time those things would indicate that you have larger bone/frame and will always be curvy. It doesn't matter how much you work out or how much you eat because if you want to be healthy (not starving yourself) then because of your frame you will never be a size 2 it can't be helped.
Now I have noticed that the media is getting a little better at showing women in ads, commercials, and movies that are plus size but I wish that more would be done to show that it's ok to not be tiny. Now lets talk about stores, stores need to carry more plus size clothing that actually looks nice as opposed to looking like someone tore down some curtains and made a plus size shirt. Stores also need to made clothes that are appropriate to be worn in public. I am tired of having to hunt for shorts and shirts that aren't see through and cover my damn ass.
Now I want to tell a story, when I first started high school I weighed 160 pounds I didn't really pay attention to my weight much until my mother told me one day that I should start teaching my body how to suck in my gut so I wouldn't look chubby. That hurt me so much when she told me that and to top it all off she probably doesn't even remember saying it. I slowly started to cut back on my eating and I would walk on the treadmill everyday for a mile. I continued to cut back my food until I got to the point were I would just skip meals all together, it even got to the point where I went almost a whole week without eating a thing. My family didn't even notice that I wasn't eating, my teacher noticed I wasn't eating before my family did. My mother and I went clothes shopping one day and I got my size I had been wearing which was a size 14 pants and when I went to try them on they fell off of me. My mother was so proud that they fell off of me that she came in the dressing room with me and gave me a hug....my mother noticed that I had a smaller pant size but she didn't notice that I stopped eating to achieve it. Now to my point, with me skipping meals and working out the smallest I ever got was a size 12. One day at school while this was going on I was looking through my science book and I noticed that my book said a girl of my age should weigh 150 at that point in time I was 142, so even though I wasn't eating, working out everyday, and underweight I was still a size 12. I know that I will never be a size 2 so why do people and the media try to make me feel bad for something that is out of my control?

Today I am overweight I know it. A year ago I  lost 60 pounds with the help of medication because I went months with diet and exorcise and I wasn't losing weight come to find out I have a medical condition that makes it more difficult for me to lose weight so I got the pills to help. I have a bit of a spat with the doctor that gave me the pills a while later because she wanted me to under eat in order to lose weight faster...you are probably thinking that she must not have been a good doctor then which I realized and stopped going to see her. Leaving that doctor meant no more diet pills to help so my weight went up again but I hope in the future to go see a different doctor about it. I know I will lose it again once I get help but even then I know that I will not be a size 2 and no I am not one of those people that get the motor scooters at Walmart just because I don't want to walk. I love to walk and do things but because I am overweight some will think that I am like the scooter people and lazy when in fact they are wrong.

The point of this whole entry today was to let you know if you are plus size and no matter what you do you can't get below a size 10 DON'T FEEL BAD! Maybe your body just isn't made for those tiny sizes and it would be unhealthy for you to abuse your body by starvation for something that your body just can't do.

Famous stars that are plus size and still beautiful

This is the day I married Sheldon. I was underweight the day this picture was taken but I was still in plus size clothing. The boots that I had on were in the largest calf size which was 10.

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