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Dark Witch by Nora Roberts BOOK REVIEW!!!

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Title: Dark Witch

Author: Nora Roberts

Published: Berkley

He wants their power....the power of,hound,hawk.

Sorcha did all she could to rid the world of Cabhan before she died. Even with her strongest spell Sorcha didn't kill Cabhan she just wounded him. Witch Sorcha gone it is up to her three children Teagan, Eamon, and Brannaugh to keep the darkness that is Cabhan at back and to keep their power safe. But how can you kill someone that can turn to mist and vanish with the breeze.

Iona never really fit in with her family, her parents never really knew she was there let alone when she was gone. The most love Iona ever got was from her grandmother Nan. Iona always felt different and out of place, it was also strange that she seemed to have the ability to talk to horses. Then one day Nan told Iona that she was a descendant of Sorcha the great Dark Witch of Ireland and that she has powers which were passed down to her. Nan also gave her the pendant of the horse which was also passed down the family and was rightfully hers.
Fast Forward 2013...
Iona grew up feeling out of place she never really fit in where she lived so with the encouragement of Nan she sold her things and packed what she could carry to move to Mayo Ireland. She won't be alone there Nan said she has two cousins Branna and Connor who are also from the magical bloodline and could probably teach her more than Nan ever could when it came to her powers.
Branna was very excited to see Iona and offered to train her, while she was doing her training she would have to move with with her and Connor because now that the three are together Cabhan will begin to make his move once more to steal away their powers.
Iona begins to make a life for herself in Ireland, she even gets a job at the local stables working with the horses. It is also a plus that she has a super sexy boss named Boyle that is everything a rugged Irishman should be. Iona can feel herself falling for him a little bit more everyday, she can also feel her power growing more and more each day with the training from Branna. With the good come the bad as Cabhan continues to get closer and closer to Iona trying to lure her away from her cousins while she is still weak. The cousins must band together on the longest day of the year to try and kill Cabhan once and for all before he becomes more strong. Now that the three are together horse, hound, and hawk things will never be completely safe and calm until the darkness is killed.


Thoughts: I loved this book. This book was serious but it had a bit of a funny side. I liked all the characters especially Connor. I kind of wish that the other characters would have had more time in the book instead of most of it focusing on the love between Boyle and Iona. There are two other books in the series so I am hopeful that I will get to know Branna and Connor a bit better in them.

Quotes: "Friends are friends whenever you make them."
              " Why not ask for all, as you never know what life's going to hand you."

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