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Olympians Graphic Novel Series by George O'Connor MINI BOOK REVIEWS!!!

For anyone who has ever wondered where Greek mythology all began...
I got my first taste of this series after I won Aphrodite Goddess of Love from a giveaway. I loved the book so much that I quickly got on my libraries website to place holds on all the other graphic novels in the series.

1. Title: OLYMPIANS Zeus King of the Gods

  Author: George O'Connor
  Published: First Second

Zeus's book cover's the birth of the Titans and Gods (before they were eaten by their father). Only Zeus escaped his father's wrath and he was put into hiding by his mother Gaea. You get to witness Zeus's grow into a handsome young man and you are also with him as he claims his power from the depths of Tartaros. Zeus uses his new power to free his brother's and sisters from the belly of his father Ouranos, thus causing the clash of the Titans. 

Thoughts: I loved this book for it's humor. Zeus is a womanizer and it is quite funny to watch him grow up. 


2. Title: OLYMPIANS Athena The Grey-Eyed Goddess

This book picks right up where Zeus's book ended and you get to see the birth of Athena. The book then follows Athena has she get her most trusted weapon the aegis. You also get to see two versions of how Athena took the name Pallas Athena. You also get the see the show down between Athena and Arachne. 

Thoughts: I liked this book but it got a bit lost as I fell in love with the other stories. 


3. Title: OLYMPIANS Hera The Goddess and Her Glory

If you ever watched the Heracles TV series then you should have heard of Hera. 
This book was funny because you get to witness Zeus courting Hera trying to convince her to be his wife. He eventually wins her as his bride but after 300 years the marriage becomes a bit stale and Zeus goes back to his womanizing ways. Hera becomes in raged and takes her rage out on the woman that willing sleep with her husband. One such incident results in the birth of Heracles and even though Hera tries to kill him as a child he makes it an eventually ends up on her lap. Hera makes a deal with Zeus that Heracles can live with them on mount Olympias after his death if during his time on Earth he completes 10 tasks. Zeus agrees and thus begins the story of Hera and Heracles which you get to learn his story in this graphic novel. 

Thoughts: This one was a good read because you get to witness Zeus's one fear.....his wife. I also loved the story of Heracles which is included. 


4. Title: OLYMPIANS Hades Lord of The Dead

If you have ever wondered what happens when you die? You might actually come face to face with the Lord of the dead himself! Hades has the whole under world to himself, his very own dark kingdom. Even the dark Lord gets lonely and in his book he comes to Earth to kidnap his new wife. Persephone who was then called Kore was promised to Hades by her father Zeus much to her mother Demeter's dismay as she had no knowledge of the promise. Hades with the help of Zeus blocked Helios's view and snatched Kore (Persephone) as she picked flowers and dragged her to the underworld to become his bride. Hades being a sweet guy underneath the gloom wooed Kore and she eventually fell in love with him. She is ready to spend all eternity with Hades until Hermes is sent to fetch her after Demeter finds out about the promise. Hades is crushed and fears that he will be forever alone, little does he know that he has a surprise delivery coming to him which could lift his spirits. 

Thoughts: This was my favorite out of all of them. The story of Hades and Persephone reminded me of the Beauty and the Beast story. Love Love LOVED it! 


5. Title: OLYMPIANS Poseidon Earth Shaker

Poseidon Lord of the sea also the Earth Shaker as he is also know is one of the most mysterious of the three brothers. He is can be a loved God as well as a feared one. This story allows you to see into the life of the Earth Shaker as she get in relationships and cleans up what havoc his children mortal and immortal cause on Earth. 

Thoughts: I loved this one because I actually learned a bit that I didn't already know about this mysterious God of the Sea. 


6. Title: OLYMPIANS  Aphrodite Goddess of Love

Born from Ouranos's passion and desire cut away by Kronos the cloud that would become Aphrodite fell from the sky and into the ocean where she waited for many many years until came the damn when Aphrodite formed from the powerful cloud and walked from the ocean. This book follows Aphrodite and her heart breaking ways. The mean flock to Aphrodite causing many problems until Zeus forces Aphrodite to marry Hephaistos the craftsman to the Gods. Trouble still followed Aphrodite though as Ares continued to hang out around her. Eventually Aphrodite becomes pregnant and no one knows who the father was but from that Eros was born! Later there was another wedding that Zeus had arranged and all the Gods and Goddesses attended it is at that wedding party that one little golden apple causes and uproar.

Thoughts: This is were my journey began. I won this book and I read it first and it was so funny and good that I placed holds on the rest of the series from our library. 


I would recommend these graphic novels to anyone who likes graphic novels as well as Greek Mythology! 
Trust me you will love them! 

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