Monday, May 19, 2014

Spider-Man loves Mary Jane by Sean McKeever and Takeshi Miyazawa MINI REVIEW!

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Title: Spider-Man loves Mary Jane

Author: Sean McKeever and Takeshi Miyazawa

Published: Marvel

I have been wanting to read this graphic novel for some time so I picked it up when I saw it at the library this past week.
I loved almost every page of this book. It was extremely funny at times as well as dramatic but even during the serious moments it still felt like a light heart anime type graphic novel.

The story mostly follows Mary Jane as she get peer pressured into dating Harry Osborn and secretly fantasizing about dating Spider-Man. Harry eventually becomes a bit selfish and dumps Mary Jane when she refuses to help him cheat on a test. After the breakup MJ's best friend Liz's boyfriend Flash sees this as a opportunity to try and have a relationship with MJ even though he was still dating Liz causing major drama. Just when Mary Jane starts to fall apart Peter Park offers her tutoring sessions which blossom into a friendship. Out of no where one day after Harry Osborn blows up on MJ for something she didn't do Spider-Man shows up at her bedroom window taking up on MJ's offer to go on a date. The date that Mary Jane wanted so badly with Spider-Man turns out not living up to Mary Jane's fantasy, it also doesn't help that Mary Jane can't stop thinking about Peter.

Mary Jane comes to her senses about dating Peter but she might be to late because of the arrival of a new student.....Gwen Stacy.


Thoughts: I loved this and I can't wait to get my hands on the next volume!

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