Sunday, June 29, 2014

Stacking The Shelves + Life and Stuff

Recently I went to see Skeletor and while I was there I went to Half Price Books. These are the books that got from Half Price.

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Cart and Cwidder and Drowned Ammet by Diana Wynne Jones

Wildfire by Sarah Micklem

Don't Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski

Not one of these books was over $6!

Now for the life....and stuff.....
So Sheldon lost his job recently and he is the only income in the house since I don't start my job until the end of Summer. We are currently living off unemployment while we play the waiting game on all the applications Sheldon filled out. We think he might get this one job working with a tire factory since he got a phone call from them and they sounded very interested in his job skills. The only problem is that the hiring person that is in charge of actually hiring people doesn't get back until this week from vacation. We have our fingers crossed waiting waiting waiting. 
Now for me, I need to finish my schooling. I had to stop last year because we got behind on payments and we just got to the point where we could start paying everything but then Sheldon got fired. I am worried that since we hadn't made a payment since last year that they might kick me out of the system and get rid of my credits. I would love to get my high school diploma before I am 30 and the fact that I don't have it upsets me. I would do the GED just so I have something while I work for my diploma but unfortunately I can't do the math. Now I am sure you have heard people say that sort of thing before but in my case it's true. Without going into great detail as to why I never learned my multiplication tables, in order for me to do them I have to use my fingers because I can't remember them. For that reason I never learned how to do anything past that so Algebra is completely out of the question for me all because I don't know my multiplication and division. I have learned multiplication 3 damn times and every time I learn them after so long I forget them again.... I just don't understand why I can't remember damn math....
The other night I begun to teach myself multiplication once again and even downloaded a game for kids on my tablet that will teach me as I play like a child in the hopes that maybe I will remember them this time. 
So I called my school the other day and they said that I was a delinquent in the fact that I needed to pay them but they assured me that they wouldn't toss out my already earned credits. I told them that as soon and Sheldon and I got everything figured out with the job situation that I will start to pay them again. The woman was very sweet and even said she was sorry for all of our problems going on at the moment then she said whenever I am ready pay just call them and set up payments then my books and tests will begin to arrive again. 
To top everything off I also can't afford to fill all my pills so I will have to stop taking the two I use to help me sleep at night. I have started to wean myself off of them and I can already tell because I feel like shit. I haven't been sleeping well and I am kind of depressed because I want to work on my school and I can't. I will keep my hopes up though, things will get better.....just keep waiting, waiting, waiting.

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