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The Watch That Ends The Night by Allan Wolf BOOK REVIEW!!!

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Title: The Watch That Ends The Night

Author: Allan Wolf

Published: Candlewick Press

This is an anthology telling the stories of 21 people an iceberg, a ship rat, and a Wireless man aboard Carpathia.... Now you may be asking yourself why would that be interesting? Well because the people and the ship rat are all passengers aboard the RMS Titanic, the iceberg is just waiting for a disaster. The last and finally person that most forget about is the Undertaker who's job it is to clean up the sea.

Olaus Abelseth (The Immigrant) Olaus is on his way to America in the hopes of starting a good life for his love back home so she may come over and live with him like they always planned.

Thomas Andrews (The Shipbuilder) Thomas has finally built the perfect ship for speed as well as elegance.

John Jacob Astor (The Millionaire) John is on his way to America with his pregnant wife who is young enough to be his daughter. The two have created quite a scandal.

Joseph Boxhall (The Navigator) Joseph is the man you want to help navigate the high seas.

George Brereton ( The Gambler) George looks at every place he goes as a chance to make money and Titanic is no different. With a secret identity in hand George hopes to make a fortune on this voyage.

Harold Bride (The Spark) New technology is always amazing and it still shocks Harold how quickly messages can pass from ship to ship with the use of Morse Code.

Margaret Brown (The Socialite) The unsinkable Molly Brown is now know around the world but at the time she was just an intimidating woman who was newer to the life of the rich.

Eugene Daly (The Bagpiper) Eugene has the pleasure of being the life of the 3rd class party by bring music.

Frederick Fleet (The Lookout) Most don't notice Frederick above them all but his is a most important job. He spends most of this nights looming above the passengers always on the lookout for dangers.

Frankie Goldsmith (The Dragon Hunter) Frankie is traveling to America with his family and it constantly on the search for dragons! Surely there have to be real dragons in the sea.....

Thomas Hart (The Stoker) Titanic is a well made powerful machine and it's the the Stokers or "black gang" below who keep it running smoothly. Thomas Hart is one of those said stokers.

Louis Hoffman (The Tailor) Louis is using his friends name to travel on board the Titanic with his two small sons. Louis's life has starting to take a turn for the worse and it only gets harder when out on the open sea.

John "Jock" Hume (The Second Violin) John plays lovely music for the first class passengers. Even though John makes his violin sing the most beautiful songs most people in first class never listen.

Bruce Ismay (The Businessman) Bruce is a businessman and he knows that making Titanic reach American soil on time is a must....But what if we got there faster now that would get Titanic the media attention she deserves.

Charles Joughin (The Baker) Being a baker aboard Titanic is an important job and everything must be done like clock work. Breads and pastries served on time and after the last meal breads must be cooked and ready for the next day, Charles is the brains of this operation.

Lolo (The Tailor's Son) Lolo is very young and doesn't really know the severity of the things that happen around him.

Harold Lowe (The Junior Officer) Follow the Captains orders, that is Harold Lowe's job and it becomes harder as constant reports of ice on the sea being to flood in.

Isaac Maynard (The Entree Cook) The many Many courses of food being prepared to 1st 2nd and 3rd class falls of the shoulders of Isaac Maynard...oh and what a circus it all is.

Jamila Nicola - Yarred (The Refugee) Jamila has the job of getting her and her brother to America in once piece. Jamila's father trusted her to do just that and even gave her all the money he had saved for their new life. With all that responsibility Jamila wasn't expecting to fall in love while making the journey.

E.J. Smith (The Captain) E.J. has been a captain for many years but accepted when we was asked to captain the Titanic on her first trip cross to America. E.J. planned on retiring but it shall be put on hold until after this one last job, see Titanic safely to New York.

Oscar Woody (The Post) What most don't know is that Titanic was also a mail ship. It carried hundreds of bags of mail across the sea and who was there to sort that mail but Oscar Woody.

John Snow (The Undertaker) The job of taking care of the dead never gets easier, you just get used to it. Even though John is an experienced undertaker having to take care of so much death at once is enough to unnerve anyone.


Thoughts: I got this book as a gift because I love the Titanic and I already own a few books around it. I didn't really like this book as much as I thought I would which is kind of sad. There were a lot of parts that I felt could have been left out like the ship rats point of view which consisted of mostly scurrying around and hiding. There was also constant talk of impending doom which yes everyone already knows that Titanic sank but the passengers at the time unless they could predict the future had no knowledge that the boat was doomed. If you like Titanic I would give this book a try I know that most like this book I just didn't think it was for me.

Quote From The Book: "Decorum dictates you must die; Commons sense requires you live. 
                                           And if you speak for God, you lie, so judge me not lest you forgive."

Real Pictures:  
 Molly Brown

 E.J. Smith

 Harold Lowe

 Bruce Ismay 

 John Hume

 John Jacob Astor

 Thomas Andrews

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