Monday, November 3, 2014

I Am Pusheen the Cat by Clair Belton BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: I Am Pusheen the Cat

Author: Clair Belton

Published: Touchstone

I first noticed this little kitty when I got new emojies and Pusheen was one of the choices. Me being the cat lover that I am I of course got the Pusheen emojies. I didn't at the time know that Pusheen had books so I was very excited when I saw one while I was looking at other books.'s review time....

This book is a comic like book that is about the cat Pusheen and her adventures through her kitty life. This book is very easy to read and would be great for children. This little book had the cute meter overflowing with cute and funny antics that Pusheen got herself into. The book is also very insightful in an educational way about real cats and how they should be treated and respected.


Thoughts: I loved this book and I might even buy a copy of it to have in my my collection on my bookshelf (has only a digital copy). This book was EXTREMELY cute and funny and I know kids and adults would love it. Everyone needs a little Pusheen in their lives!

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