Sunday, December 28, 2014

Halo by Alexandra Adornetto BOOK REVIEW!!!

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Title: Halo

Author: Alexandra Adornetto

Published: Square Fish

The world is slowly falling into darkness, people are being hurt and are dying. To combat the darkness that is taking it's toll on Earth Heaven had been send down angels to reverse the dark forces.
Three angels were sent to a town called Venus Cove were random fires and deaths seem to be happening left and right.

Gabriel the warrior, Ivy the healer, and Bethany the youngest of the three who has yet to learn her special power. The three have a house ready with all the amenities including a car for Gabe to drive. Now comes the most daunting of tasks....blending in with humans so they won't suspect anything while at the same time working for heaven to dispel the darkness from the area. Though Ivy is more of a busy home body who joins the church clubs as well as volunteering at soup kitchens and what not. Gabe and Bethany have chosen to take part in the local high school. Gabe becomes the new music teacher and Bethany being the youngest joins as a student.
Trying to blend into a school that thrives on gossip is hard enough as it is but Bethany has begun to fall for a local boy named Xavier who she can't seem to get away from. Life at Venus Cove seems to be looking up with the help from the three angels, even the moods from the towns folk seems to be getting better. Things seem to becoming quite comfortable until the arrival of a mysterious new student named Jake Thorn who turns their comfortable little life they have created from themselves upside down.


Thoughts: I got this book because I love angels and I had high hopes for this novel since it is popular. My high hopes weren't met though since I had a few problems with the story. My first problem I ran into was the energy problem, the books says that angels don't get tired but for some reason they have to sleep for some hours during the night. Why would they have to sleep if they never run out of energy? I also found the romance was a little to much in the sense that it took up the whole story. The main plot of the story didn't really kick in until half way through the book and the main plot just seemed like it wasn't actually the purpose for the book. Most of the book was filled with teenaged romance and it got boring after a while.
That however is just my own opinion so don't let that stop you from reading this if you are interested. You never know you might love it!

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