Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Dorky Bookshelf Tour 2014! Shelf 9

Welcome to the Video Game Art book / Game Guide shelf of the tour!  Normally I would attach a buy link to the title of the book but since I was having so much trouble finding a buy link for some of the older Game Guides I just decided not to do it this time.

1. The Art of Mortal Kombat 

2. Gears of War Volume 1 by Ortega Sharp

3. Mass Effect Evolution Volume 2 by Mac Walters, John Jackson Miller, and Omar Francia

4. The Art of Starcraft 2 

5. Mass Effect 3 Collectors Edition Game Guide 

6. Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition Game Guide

7. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Official Game Guide Collectors Edition

8. Fallout New Vegas Official Game Guide Collectors Edition

9. Dragon Age Origins Collectors Edition

10. Dragon Age 2 Complete Game Guide Collectors Edition 

11. Fable 3 Collectors Edition Game Guide

12. Bioshock Infinate Collectors Edition Game Guide

13. Alan Wake Illuminated Collectors Edition Game Guide 

14. Diablo Book of Cain by Flint Dille

15. The Alan Wake Files compiled by Clay Steward 

16. Fable 3 Game Set (with coin, cards, and map)

17. Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition Art Book

18. Mass Effect 3 collectors Edition Art Book

19. The Art of Divinity 2 The Dragon Knight Saga

20. Deus Ex Human Evolution Design Book

21. The Art of Fallout 3

22. Magic the Gathering 2014 Players Guide

23. Dragon Age Origins: Awakening Game Guide

24. Batman Arkham City Game Guide

25. Resonance of Fate Game Guide

26. Mega Man X Command Mission Game Guide

27. Assassin's Creed 2 Game Guide

28. Xenosaga Episode 3 also Sprach Zarathustra Game Guide

29. Bioshock 2 Game Guide

30. Alan Wake Official Survival Guide

31. Life Titanic The Tragedy That Shook the World

32. Eragon Guide To Alagaesia by Christopher Paolini

Shelf 9 in all of it's glory! 

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