Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole BOOK REVIEW!!!

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Title: A Hunger Like No Other

Author: Kresley Cole

Published: Pocket Star books

For years Lachlain has only know the torture of the flames. Being and immortal only means that he can burn over and over again just to wake back up the next day still imprisoned. Two things keep Lachlain going, revenge against the vampires who doomed him to burn and the day that he will finally find her...  Lykae's breed for life, and some wait for so long to find the right mate....the one mate for life. Lachlain the king of the Lykae clan has waited all his life for her so he knew right away that the girl on the streets above him was the one he had been waiting for.

Emmaline Troy never knew her mother or father. She was raised by Valkyrie as their own for 70 years, but it's time for Emma to find the truth about her parents. Emma knows that her mother was a Valkyrie so her vampire blood came from her father. Breaking away from the shelter of the Valkyrie she has come to Europe to search for a father she has never met. As she walks to the busy streets of Paris little does she know that someone just below the surface is searching for her.


Thoughts: I was a bit weary of this book because of it's marketing as a romance, little did I know that behind the romance came a well thought out paranormal plot complete with creatures of the night. Do not be deceived by the title and the cover (which I loved by the way) this book is much more than just a romance.

A song that goes with the book!

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